Diggle Quickstep March Contest

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  1. Ali

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    Here are the results from the Diggle contest held on Saturday 3rd July.

    Best Youth Band: Boarshurst

    Best 3rd or 4th Section Band: Boarshurst

    Hymn: 1) Glossop Old
    2) Silkeborg (Denmark)
    3) Dobcross Silver

    Best Cornet: Glossop Old

    March: 1) Dobcross Silver
    2) Glossop Old
    3) Ashton-Under-Lyne Band

    Best Basses: Dobcross Silver

    Adjudicator: D Beckley
  2. barkiniron

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    Congratulations to Janet a.k.a. Strongbow :wink: for winning the cornet medal. Also, congratulations to DobX - I thought it was close between you and Glossop for the overall march.

    As always this was a well run contest, it was just a pity that there seemed to be less spectators this year (this is just based on my observations after several pints and is not in the least bit scientific). :shock:
    However, this was probably due to the weather being a little Pearl Harbor-ish (there was definately a Nip in the air). :lol:
  3. Well Worth It

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    Bit Jackie and Bruce.

    Two hard nips
  4. strongbow

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    :tup Ta muchly, it was totally brass monkey weather, I thought I saw the Titanic go past at one stage!