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    I have a Besson Prestige cornet and although it makes a good sound, it is really hard to play. Intonation is really poor, my lips get sore very quickly and I struggle with high notes. I have played other cornets and they are much easier to play (both easier on the lips and don't need much triggering). One cornet pretty much added half an octave to my range, and that was with exactly the same mouthpiece. I had no idea that the instrument could make that much difference, I thought it was mostly down to the player and mouthpiece.

    Is it me, is it the instrument, my mouthpiece or is it a combination of everything working together? I'm in the process of trying different mouthpieces, but I have even tried the one that came with the instrument, so it should be compatible with the instrument. I'm starting to think it's not worth the effort.
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    Hi, when you say the mouthpiece isn't compatible with the instrument, do you mean its the wrong size? Also, do you know whether the other cornets you've played have been the same bore as your cornet, as this might be a contributing factor? I'm assuming you've tried the usual things like cleaning it out thoroughly to see if its a case of something restricting the flow...
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    Well mouthpiece size could have been one issue, but the shape/design can also make a difference. Some of the other instruments were also large bore, but none of them are quite as large as the Prestige.

    It was a brand new instrument. I've cleaned some of the tubes and blown spitballs through the instrument, everything comes out spotless.
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    Two possible things worth looking into with this problem:-1. Rubbish instrument.2. Rubbish player.If '1', then sell the instrument and buy either a better one or some golf clubs. If '2', sell the instrument and buy golf clubs.
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    If playing other cornets on the same mouthpiece sounds better (i.e., doesn't hinder you as much as your prestige does) it stands to reason that the instrument is the cause, not your playing.

    Odd, especially if it's brand new as the Prestige range suffered a little in its earlier years, but most problems seem to have sorted out lately, and despite a lot still playing Sovereigns they are regarded as great, luxury instruments.

    Get a repairman to take a good look at it - might be something that only experienced eyes can spot.
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    B.Portas has a very good point, get a real expert, and also other cornet players to have a go on it and see what feedback you get from their experience. As good as the Besson name may be now and even the fact it is a Prestige, doesn't mean to say it isn't a what they used to call a Friday afternoon one. The best manufacturers of anything can get the odd one wrong.

    Now then having said that, there is also the player aspect. Considering that large bored instruments do require more air through them, so how are you breathing and blowing, have you had any good tuition in the past with someone teaching the wind aspect as well as the notes? You do need to be pushing from your diaghram, not your upper lung muscles, the latter will tire you out very quickly, result in poor intonation as well as other factors.
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    Honestly, give golf a go.
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    your obviously a natural baritone player, if though, your music reading standard isn't too high you could also give drums some thought.

    (sitting back and waiting)
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    Another thread spoilt by pointless comments.
    There was a time when there were a lot of very helpful people on here, many of whom have been driven away by this sort of inane, juvenile comment on what was a serious thread.
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    hardy spoilt ! I bet your a right barrel of fun at parties. Just so I know once and for all there are to be no jokes at all on this site ?


    just clever ones that only the self styled highly edumacated Band elite understand ?:-?

    oh, and drummers!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi TooLoud, have a look at my thread called "Gap in Range": http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?50655-Gap-in-Range

    I have a Prestige cornet currently with the repairers. However, mine is a second hand one that someone did a botched valve-job on whereas yours is new. That said, the botched valve-job on mine was probably attempted because there had been a problem with the valves in the first place. My advice is to bring it to a proper repairer to have a look. Where are you based? If it is still under warranty, then no problem. Let me know, since I have been in touch with Besson about my own and I have the relevant contact details that I can share with you. They have been very helpful indeed.