Did you start playing on a recorder?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by andyp, Feb 17, 2004.


Did you begin your musical life on the recorder at primary school?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Another topic (signatures) set me off thinking about this, it seems a fair few of us cut our musical teeth on the recorder at primary school. Given that the time allowed for teaching of music in schools seems to be less and less (as more time is given to maths/english), does this mean that brass bands may get less young recruits as a result?
  2. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Afraid not..
    my earliest musical experience (bar excercising the lungs at an early age) was 7 weeks of "rudiments of music" on an old blackboard in the bandroom.

    Took about 7 years to graduate from "can hold cornet without much clue of what to do" to "can hold cornet with a certain amount of knowledge of what to do but alas the doing it is still hard"

    I do think that it's a good system. With apologies to recorder enthusiasts, it's certainly easier to start of on one of these, encouraging youngsters to concentrate on ensemble playing, and boosting confidence early!
  3. James McFadyen

    James McFadyen New Member

    Yep I was one of the recorder clan!!! :wink:
  4. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    well... sort of... i played a recorder for about a week when I was 7, then realised it was taking up valuable eating time at lunch, so gave up (but kept the recorder... hehehe) then didn't play another instrument until I was 10.
  5. cornetchap

    cornetchap Member

    I started out on recorder at the age of about 7 and got by by watching the fingering of my stand partner :shock: Was chuffed when we both graduated from a treble to a tenor, because it had got a silver key on it :D

    Can't remember any of the fingerings for the things now though.

    Didn't get a brass instrument until my second pair of front teeth were through (wonder if that's why I'm a "pressure player" now)

    Cheers, Greg.
  6. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Not only started on recorder but kept on playing quite seriously up to senior school, where we had a recorder group ranging from sopranino (my favourite recorder) down to great bass. At one of our praise meetings last year one of our guest soloists was a member of the National Recorder Orchestra, and it was a joy to hear a recorder played really well, including some twentieth century works.
  7. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    My Dad started teaching me piano at 5, but I did start my group playing on recorder at about 8. Started trombone at 10 when Dad started playing again (after 21 years away!!), hated it, got my first cornet at 11 and loved it.
    Continue to play piano for my own amusement, :lol: and make sporadic and unsuccessful forays into the world of the guitar. :cry:
  8. jameshowell

    jameshowell Active Member

    Well properly started playing on recorder, but thankfully I saw the error of my ways soon enough!

    But from when I was old enough to crawl I would always find my way onto the organ stool in my nan's living room and start mashing the keys, and when i was older I'd play "tunes" poorly.

    But it obviously did me some good...
  9. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Yep I started on recorder too. Not long after though I started playing cornet and after a while gave up recorder because I couldn't stand the soggy spit covered wooden mouthpiece! :shock:
  10. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    Didn't have much choice, everyone in my primary school was made to play them. We had loads of groups, bet the parents loved coming to our concerts, hours of recorder music and of course the beginner violin players!!! :shock: :shock:
  11. cornetchap

    cornetchap Member

    Uh don't! At the school my nipper will be going to next year they offer violin as an extra-curricular activity. I'm really hoping to steer him clear of that. Fortunately the junior school does have its own brass band (must be one of the few that does in Hertfordshire) and he can already get a low C out of my cornet (he's only 3).

    My (or is it my nieghbours?) other fear is that he'll become a drummer as his uncle bought him a toy drum kit for Christmas :roll:

    Cheers, Greg.
  12. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    It is possible, my Mum managed to steer me clear she did it to stay sane! Trouble is I bet she never thought that she would have to put up with a beginner trombone player some years later!! :lol:
  13. cornetchap

    cornetchap Member

    I'd rather listen to "cow farts" than a cat sliding down a blackboard with it's claws out (is anyone shuddering yet?)

    Cheers, Greg.
  14. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Yep. Cow farts win every time for me too :lol:
  15. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    Yeah 'cow farts' have to be better, probably because I still play them!

    There is no way I enjoy listening to a cat sliding its claws down a blackboard :hammer Thats why I think a recorder is a slighty better instrument to start on.
  16. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I started on piano when I was about 4, but did recorders at school and played treble in a "period" ensemble for a while - very odd bunch of people :? . Used to have a full set of recorders but got rid of them in a moment of madness, only got a sopranino now and hardly play it because it sends the dogs nuts. Believe it or not, recorders can sound good, it just takes a while to get past the whole tooth grating beginner-squeakiness (bit like violins!)
  17. ScrapingtheBottom

    ScrapingtheBottom Active Member

    No 'fraid not - but I did play one a primary school. My mum was determined to make me musical so I started singing when I was 3 (!) and spent most of my formative years as an angelic choirboy (ha!). Started playing the cornet when I was 7, Tenor recorder at about 8 and trumpet at 8 too. Moved on to trombone when I was 12 (11 years ago). Had a go at learning the piano without much success and I can strum the guitar, but that doesn't count.
  18. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Thankfully not, our year for the recorder was missed out at primary school. Managed to get my hands on a baritone a few years later. Think my parents would have probably preferred the recorder but who cares!
  19. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Started my musical life at the age of 3 with a lil guitar, those orange thingies with coloured keys you blew down (anyone remember them?! or had one?) ...and my dads piano which myself and brother managed to thump every now and again.
    Had a recorder a bit later on in life... Never played it in with the primary schools I went to... left that to the others! ha!

  20. jameshowell

    jameshowell Active Member

    Linking back to my earlier post, my main musical start was mashing my grandparents' organ in their living room.

    The offence can be seen in my Avatar :wink:

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