Did bands stand up or move around in 3rd Section?

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  1. apscarborough

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    Just wondering - did many bands stand up or play in a different layout in the 3rd Section at the weekend? Did it make much difference to the sound or the result?
  2. Andy_Euph

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    Answer to the first question - Yes. Answer to the second question - No :biggrin:
  3. We stood up. We saw around 5 bands and they didnt stand up. Did anyone one else stand up?
    I don't know if they have changed it since but according to the book 'Labour and Love' they made it illegal in area contests to stand up in the early 20th century. If that still stands, we are in trouble:oops:

    It may have been Belle Vue only though...Il find out.
  4. mikelyons

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    There was a guideline put out that bands were not expected to stand. W re-arranged ourselves a bit, which did change the sound as the basses weren't behind the baffles and so could be heard. Also, the baris and euphs had to put up with the excessive exhuberance of our percussionists for a change, which made them realise we weren't just whingeing for the sake of it! :)
  5. I agree, the Trombonists nearly blew my ears off!
    Could we say : Standing up = better air flow = louder and more controlled sound?
  6. Spaniels Ears

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    However one of the main comments from Mr Pritchard-Jones was that bands were too loud!

    In my view standing up is a nono!!! Especially without the nerves etc and faffing about with stands.
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    I decided that we should stand up based on the paragraph at the front of the score, which was also sent out as an 'errata'. There was no difficulty in doing the standing up from the normal seated positions, and I think it was quite effective. The adjudicators both complimented our fanfares, which is not to say they wouldn't have if we had stayed seated... I'm not normally one for theatrics but as it was suggested by the composer I decided the right thing to do was have a go. I'm fairly sure we were the only band to do it.
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    The promoters gave all bands the message not to stand for the fanfares!
    I sat through 13 versions of the piece in Blackpool. it fell about 50/50 for the conventional seating and/or another arrangement. We are using an alternative seating plan