Diana Herak and the BBC to premiere new Pete Meechan piece

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  1. DublinBass

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    USA News - Diana Herak and the BBC to premiere new Pete Meechan piece

    Sunday, December 4th Diana Herak and the Brass Band of Columbus will be premiering a new baritone solo entitled "Alu" written by Pete Meechan. The piece was comissioned by her husband Patrick for their 10th anniversary and the premiere will take place at the the same church they were married at, Ascencion Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. Patrick recalled, "I remember when Diana first heard some of Pete's music at the Royal Northern College of Music Brass Festival, she instantly became a fan of Pete's."

    When contacted about the premiere, Pete said, "It was a pleasure to write this solo for Diana, and my only regret is that I'm not able to make it over to the States for the premiere. However, I know both Pat and Diana from their time in the UK, and know that it will be a special performance." Pete is also planning to publish "Alu" with a new publishing company he will be launching at the begining of next year.
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  2. Simon_Horn

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    Will this be downloadable on pod cast or website? I'd love to hear it...
  3. Dianamite

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    Simon, this is for you (in my whiniest, shrillest, highest pitched voice)-


  4. Simon_Horn

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    Re: reply


    You are meany! Why don't you get the thing recorded and send it to www.brasscast.com for him to include it on next pidcast? You know yoiu wanna!

  5. DublinBass

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    I think Diana was just playing with you.

    I've talked to Pete and he wants to get a clip on his new website http://www.petemeechan.com/

    Here's where things stand. I had my dad videotape last night, but I haven't transferred the video to the computer yet, so I'm not sure how the sound will be (Just listening to it I think he may have been too close). Also, our band was working on a new march CD and we got a run through in at the end of one of our recording sessions on tape. So hopefully, at least a clip of one of the two will pop up somewhere...I'll let you know.
  6. Accidental

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    How did it go yesterday?
    Can't wait to hear it....
  7. TonyZ

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    Diana played WONDERFULLY! What an enchanting baritone sound! :clap:
  8. Pete Meechan

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    I've just heard the recording and Diana played it beautifully. Thank you for such a wonderfull premiere - I was sad to miss it.

    I'll have the sound clip ready for the website in the next week or so, I will keep you updated as to when this is available to hear.



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