Diamonds, 3rd Section Test Piece for Butlins.

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Columbo, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Columbo

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    Any thoughts on this 3rd Section piece for Butlins? Comments about the music etc?
  2. ian perks

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  4. ian perks

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    lol yeah :rolleyes:
  5. Columbo

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    What do you like about it Ian? :eek:
  6. ian perks

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    Non of it
  7. 08cbinns

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    im not a fan of it!
  8. Blagger

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    One of the poorest choices for ages - IMHO
    Absoloutely nothing in it to get excited about.
    Enough said I think.... :dunno
  9. Columbo

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    So, Universal opinion. Now musically, whats wrong with it?
  10. ian perks

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  11. StellaJohnson

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    Burbage are going to Butlins this year for the first time. Not a challenging piece at all for 3rd section in terms of techincal fast playing especially on bass, not sure how others feel.

    As we have a busy christmas schedule, its good practice and preperation for us to get into contesting mode and dosen't take alot of preparation to get up to a reasonable standard, hence why we are going.
  12. lynchie

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    Had a listen to the recording online, and had a look at my part, and my overall impression isn't good. For me, it lacks imagination. From what I've read, it was written for a massed youth band, and I guess it probably works quite well for that purpose, as there's not much in the way of intricate counter-melodies or cross-rhythms, stuff that would get lost with 100 kids on stage.

    However, I'm most interested in why you chose to create a dedicated thread, rather than posting in this thread : ? So go on, how about you share your own opinion?
  13. Brian

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