Details for 4th Annual Northwest Brass Band Festival Released

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    The Northwest Brass Band Festival 2006 is an "international" festival featuring six British Style Brass Bands; four from the state of Washington and two from Canada. Participating ensembles will be: Brass Band Northwest, the founding organization; the Seattle Temple Band of the Salvation Army; PugetBrass of Redmond; the Spokane British Brass Band: Little Mountain Brass Band from Vancouver, BC; and the Cariboo Hill Temple Band of the Salvation Army from Burnaby, BC. The 180+ members of the participating bands will spend the day in a series of rehearsals and clinics followed by an evening concert showcasing each band individually, then culminating in a gala performance of the combined "grande ensemble" of all participating musicians.

    The festival begins at 8:00 AM on Saturday, January 28th 2006 at the First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. It commences with rehearsals of each of the participating bands. Concurrently, there will be clinics presented by guest artists, Mark Gould, Stephen Fissel and Paul Hansen. After a break for lunch, the bands will combine together for a rehearsal of music to be performed en masse in the gala closing concert. See below for a complete schedule of the day's activities.

    Brass musicians, not affiliated with a participating band, who wish to participate in clinics, rehearsals, and as a member of the massed band, may do so for a fee of $25.00. Pre-registration is required by January 21, 2006. For pre-registration and more information please contact Steve Keene
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