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    Steward's Desford role
    The Desford Colliery Band is delighted to announce to 4BR that Kevin Steward, a player who has a long association with the band has taken the role of Resident Conductor.

    The Desford Colliery Band are delighted to announce to 4BR that Kevin Steward as has taken the Resident Conductor of the band.

    Kevin has been carrying out the role since the preparations for the 2006 British Open in which they were awarded third prize and since then played a key role in the win at Butlins and most recently the band's qualification for the National Finals.

    Long association

    Kevin's long association with the Desford organisation started back in 1982 playing horn under Howard Snell and one of his highlights was winning the 1986 european title at St David's Hall in Cardiff. He then hung up his mouthpiece to concentrate on developing the Desford Youth Band which went on to win two consecutive National Championships and the European title in 1989.

    A spokesperson for the band said 'The band work well under Kevin and his primary role is to get the basics right before our principal conductor arrives. He then acts as an extra pair of ears working closely them in preparing for the show. It goes without saying that our recent form has a lot to do with this system and the band look forward to developing it further'

    Kevin has been rewarded for his efforts by directing the band on their upcoming tour of Jakarta, Singapore and Thailand.
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    Huh - "announce to 4BR"... ??? so are you not announcing this on tMP...:)
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    copy and paste!!
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    Congratulations Kevin from all of us at Cawston.
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    Thank you Ian, and congratulations to my old band on getting to the finals, and promotion!

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