Desert Island

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  1. Sopha

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    How this works is you write down 3 people, 3 objects, 3 drinks and 3 food items you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island ..
    sooo ill start off, i would take.... Beth [My Best M8] My mummy [i'd be lost without her!!] and a doctor [don't think I really need to explain that] ..The three objects would be a genie :D [because if one died i could always wish for another one ect..], straighteners, phonelaptopperfume - thats one item ;] .. no-one else but me can cheat ! :biggrin: .. Three drinks would be water, coke and cherryade [to keep my energy levels up] .. and 3 food items would be chocolate, strawberries andd toast .. x

  2. Flutey

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    Oooh hard one!! 3 people would be Emma cos she can talk forever and I'd never get bored, Kayleigh cos I can't live without her, and finally one of the guys from band.... FI AND BRYAN, DO NOT MENTION NAMES!!! lol! 3 items would have to be phone, flute and pillow. Yes, I AM that materialistic. 3 drinks would be water, milk and WKD- can't go wrong there! 3 food items would be pasta, fruit and salad.

    Blimey, that is the hardest thing I've had to think about in ages! I would manage on everything except the 3 people thing- I need more than 3 people around me!
  3. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    1. My daughter, my sister and my niece
    2. The biggest iPod in the world, plasma screen TV with cable, a hammock
    3. Champagne, Yorkshire tea (with milk and sugar, natch) and cranberry juice
    4. Chocolate, Strawberries and Harrods Food Hall.
    Not sure how I'm going to get all that on the life-raft, but no matter.
  4. 3 people:
    james, janina and mish

    3 objects:
    mobile phone, tv (with sky;) ) and a pint glass

    3 drinks:
    water, diet coke, large quantites of lager

    3 food items:
    pizza from the spice of life down the road, chocolate, red apples (healthy eh!!)
  5. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    How about....

    Experienced sea captain and 2 crew

    Boat large enough for 4 people.......
  6. Brassy Lady

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    Hmmm, I see no mention of your cornet young lady:frown: :tongue:
  7. Flutey

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    And what would you take- the brass band or the husband? On second thoughts... don't answer that one!
  8. Sopha

    Sopha Active Member

    Actually it's funny you said that because when i'd finished posting it i thought that but then again if i had a genie with me, i could wish for anything i liked couldn't i? :tongue: at least if i had my cornet and music i'd be able to practise without my family shouting "shut that door!" and moaning at me. Actually oopsiee i said i'd take my mum with me didn't i Damn it! - looks like that idea's blown out of the window unless i took you with me so i could have extra lessons (not that i need it! :wink: , Roy would probably disagree there!) and you could make me a fantastic player, if you had the patience to put up with me 24/7 haha! :biggrin:

    That's a good question actually Laura! :clap: :tongue: but i do actually think there's a good chance of her taking Roy because we'd just drive her crazy! - she's growing grey hairs already with us lot and she's only with us 5 hours a week imagine livng with us 24/7 i don't think she'd cope!