Derek Renshaw is annouced as adjudicator for Battle of the bands contest 26th June

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    The 5th ICCB Battle of the Band’s entertainment contest will be taking place on the 26th June at the Speedwell Rooms Staveley near Chesterfield.

    This year sees the largest entry of bands since it started. With a total of 12 bands competing throughout the day. The adjudicators for this years contest are Derek Renshaw for Music, Martin Thacker MBE for the entertainment and Graeme Challands Town clerk for Staveley town council for deportment.

    There will be also the band representatives from each band marking each performance apart from their own as it has been done before.

    The day will commence at 10.30am with the training band section which this year sees the return of the Long Eaton Training band who were the only entry in this section last year. But this year ICCB are pleased to welcome the Thurcroft Welfare Training band who will compete against Long Eaton in the 15 minute entertainment program for the chance to claim the top prize.

    After the training bands there will be the results for that section and then the main contest will commence at 11.30am, this year sees a total of 10 bands in this section which is open to 3rd, 4th and unregistered bands and will see bands from the Midlands, Yorkshire and North areas. We also welcome Keele university brass band who are competing as an unregistered band. Along with the 3 bands that entered last year in the shape of defending champions Dronfield, Long Eaton Silver and Newhall Brass band. There are also Thurcroft Welfare, Derby Rolls Royce, Keele University, Ashover, Oughtibridge, Market Rasen and Ripon City Brass band. The contest will come to a close at 6pm with the announcement of the results.

    Tickets can be bought on the day at a cost of £4 for adults and £2 for Children and there will be a bar and food available through out the day. If you would like more details visit Ireland Colliery Chesterfield bands website at

    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band are proud to be locally based, but globally connected with Conceptunet Ltd
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    Ian, fantastic turn out for this well run contest. Hope it's not quite so hot as last year. We are looking forward to defending last year's title and already working on the programme choice.
  3. Robhibberd29

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    Good luck to all bands, I hope you all enjoy it :)
  4. Bassboner

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    I am glad that such a good entry has been recieved .I enjoyed this event last year and am really looking forward to this years contest:) Good luck to all band's taking part!
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    It all looks like a good day out for the "Lincolnshire Poachers" please be gentle with us, we havent done one of these since 1978.

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    Has entry closed for this??
  7. IJK

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    Yes it has as we reached the max number of bands. But if you are interested in next year then please watch this space for the date and how to enter

    Ian Knapton
    Contest Controller

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