Derek Garside 80th Birthday Tribute

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    Hello Everyone

    I produce a Sunday afternoon band programme 'Sunday Bandstand' 2pm / 3pm (UK time) on which is in Halifax.

    This programme which I aired on Sunday 14th March is a one hour birthday tribute to Derek Garside the principal cornet player at CWS (Manchester) Band 1947 - 1972 and without doubt the finest cornet player of his generation.

    Download this link to the Podcast on the Radio Phoenix FM 96.7 website and be amazed at his wonderful skills as a soloist and the performance of the old CWS (Manchester) Band.

    Even today the 1962 National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain when the band for the first time in one of its finest moments won the coveted title on the test piece 'The Force of Destiny' an occasion which is still talked about in the tea and bars at contest venues. Download this programme and listen to the last piece which takes the listener back to the Royal Albert Hall on that great day in 1962 with the compere Frank Phillips and radio compere Harry Mortimer and re-live the performance, or hear for the first time.

    Once the website opens up scroll down to the list of my podcasts and the latest and open - A Birthday Tribute to Derek Garside. This download has already created a tremendous interest in Holland - make sure you get yours and sit back and enjoy what is truly an hour of fabulous original recordings from the 1950s and 60s.


    Chris Helme
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    Good effort. What a legend DG is!