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  1. Hey
    So, what do you think of him? What's his greatest testpiece?
    I think one of them is Concerto Grosso, it's brilliant, especially the horn start. It's the meanest start I've ever seen (for horns), with the high C and then a glissando to the higher C, over 1/8 of a note (Excuse my english)... And not to talk about Blitz, which just changed brass. He's definately one of my favourite composers...
    Btw. did anyone notice this years EBBC, that he was wearing sandals and a tuxedo? :?
  2. lynchie

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    i like his trombone study books... really give your arm a work out!
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Diversions for Band (or is it Diversions for Brass Band??) is my fav of his. I love the 3rd movement, every bar changes time sig and it still manages to sound lyrical.
  4. Oh yeah, it's called for Brass Band :)
    Typical Burgeois piece with the crooked time signatures, like in Serenade or the theme in Lac Leman..... I like it 8)
  5. Highams

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    Played under him at Sun Life Stanshawe for 2 years when he was our MD and we did the first broadcast of Concerto Grosso. Excellent musician and very, very clever. He understood the score of Energy like no one else !

    After Walter Hargreaves wanting 1st. class hotels and 5 course meals, it was great to eat a bag of chips with him when the band was their way home from Belle Vue.
  6. Railybobs

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    diversions for Brass Band ! ! ! !

    A True "Test Piece"
  7. carlwoodman

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    Derek Bourgeios

    Apocalypse, commissioned by YBS, is an extraordinary piece of music for brass band.
  8. Okiedokie of Oz

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    :?: You know his wedding march is in 11- and 13-8 time signatures??? :?: I pity his poor bride. It is a gorgeous piece, I dunno if it's for brass band, I did an orchestra arrangement
  9. Jordan

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    Ha to be The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea for me, fantastic piece, Blitz is as good as well, quite fond of that apocolypse as well, but the devil gets my vote!! :D
  10. Did anyone notice the 2 YBS recordings of Apocalypse. In the EBBC 2003 there's so much different than the studio recording. The ending is suddenly ppp. Peter Roberts don't play the high E :cry: . Some weird trills 4 min. and 47 sec. ahead in the EBBC recording. Just mistakes because it's live?
  11. The Cornet King

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    Yeh i noticed the differences, the cornet section wimped out of there Super E's (though who can blame them!) and true Peter Roberts didn't play those VERY high notes.

    There are lots and lots of differences, one section of the piece sounded completely different as if it had been added for a 'live' performance.
    Still one hell of a piece though!
  12. drummerboy

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    It love Apocalypse! Think it is an amazing piece, and I do think the hardest for band ever, testing not just individuals, but the band as an ensemble too.
    But I think we can let the cornets off the super E, and Peter Roberts off the high E! I don't think (m)any players could do what he does! The studio recording is truly breathtaking (mind you the whole CD is!)
  13. isn't his name spelt Bourgeois??
  14. Oh yeah, my fault.... Damn that french name :D
  15. Morghoven

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    The piece now goes under the title of 'Serenade' and there are both brass and wind band versions available. If your band has it, look it out - it's a great little number and not nearly as hard as the time signature makes it seem!!

  16. Serenade is a great piece but how did his bride walk down the aisle to it ???

    Some of Dr. Bourgeois's smaller ensemble work is great, particularly his "Sonata for Brass Quintet".

    Having said that though I think the Concerto Grosso has to be his best band work, fantastic writing.

    If anyone is interested I have recently published my arrangement of Dr. Bourgeois's "Northern Lament". It can be found on where there is an audio sample for those who do not now the piecw. Originally written for Concert Band the piece is an adaptation/extension of the second movement of his Sonata for Brass Quintet.

    There are so many works by Derek that are little-known and published by a Belgian company called hafabra music (, they publish Apocolypse and loads of other work. It may be worth a visit for all Derek Bourgeois fans.
  17. andyp

    andyp Active Member of the funniest conducting moments ever, our poor uni wind band conductor trying to conduct "Serenade"! Luckily all the band knew it, cos he was knitting and fishing at the same time!
    It's odd, it seems so easy when you're playing it, but conducting it.....phew!
    I notice no-one's mentioned Concerto No.1 for Brass Band, I know I didn't like playing it. Devil and the Deep Blue sea is excellent, surely it's due a re-use for a contest?
  18. Dave Payn

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    Good thing Finbarr Saunders doesn't come on this site (as it were...)

  19. I was also wondering... Does anybody know "Aspirations" that he wrote to the youth, so they could test their skills of counting. Any recordings of it? I wasn't able to find any!
  20. James Yelland

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    I don't know about testpieces, but its a tragedy that we don't hear his finest work - Concerto No. 2 - at all. And its not well known that he has also written a concerto for brass quintet and brass band too.