Derek Acorah What a genius!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Miss Presley, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    Last night I went to the York Grand opera house with my sister. As a birthday gift I had bought two tickets to see Derek Acorah (Living Tv's most haunted psychic medium). We are both big fans and also true believers.

    Now I have to say the guy is superb. Although many are sceptical, until you actually see the man llive in action, you will never understand his pure genius. He would run on and off the stage talking to different audience members which the spirits "in the queue" directed him to. The spirits would tell him things they wanted him to say to the audience member. SUPERB!

    He told one lady that there were two spirits watching her and that her dog that had gone missing a few weeks ago (which she had presumed was now dead), was still alive and had also gone on to tell her the exact location, street name and number of the house where her dog would be found. Incredible.

    If you are a believer or interested DO go see this guy. I will definitely be going again.

    For a believer, no proof is necessary,
    For a non-believer no proof is possible
  2. Derek

    Derek is like god, i also am like you, i love most haunted and the live shows have to be the best. yvette is cool and me and my partner love stuart he is cool. One bit that got me and my partner was on a live show a few months back, when stuart and carl were in a room together and stuart supposably attacked carl but on camera stuart was nowhere near carl..... scary.... do you know which live episode im on about?

    I would love to go see derek in is new show and i would like to go see most haunted..... even tho i havnt watched it since he left so dont know who the new guy they have brought in is or what he is like.

    Have you read dereks books? if not i recommend you read them. it answered a lot of question about derek that i had.
  3. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    I know exactly which epsode ur on about, its truly marvellous. I haven't read any of the books yet but I plan to (after i've finished my many elvis ones).

    The absolute shock on people's faces when the spirits picked them out of the audience was fabulous. One guy even said "I was such a sceptic before I cam, and now I feel really sick with shock I know exactly who you are talking about" Spooky!

    Derek was so cool though and so genuinely nice, one lady started throwing up halfway through the second half and he stopped the show to go over and help her. He deserves to be where he is and to have the following he has.
  4. derek

    did you know he used to play for liverpool fc? and that in a past life him and sam were best friends?
  5. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    Yeah I did know that.

    Sam plays a major part in Derek's life, he said that last night, and it is very apparent in the way he speaks with him etc. He trusts him and his judgement 100%

    He seems like a very interesting guy and I would love to sit with him for an hour or two and just chat.
  6. derek

    if you mean sit with derek, you must be joking, only an hour or 2 id have him all ****** time 24/7. id love to go meet him i have sent him emails b4 but he never replied. i think i might have to visit him on one of his tours............
  7. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    *cough* Stalker...*cough* ;)
  8. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Did this Derek fella happen to mention anything about where Scouse has put any of our wheel hubs??? ;)

    Must admit i'm not a great believer in the spirit world, though i do have an open mind about it. Would be interesting to go and see him though just to see what its really like.
  9. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    I thought there was one born every minute - obviously there's two.

    Mr Acorah is either a very clever trickster or as deluded as his audience. One thing he is not is someone who talks to the dead.
  10. derek

    how am i a stalker?
    its just like football you go support a team watch them 4-5 times a month talk bout them alot etc so how am i a stalker?
    anyways i recomend anyone go see him or watch his show. he is brill. he would turn any non believer in to a believer.
  11. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    Sorry there was no mention opf Emley's missing hub caps!!!!!!!
  12. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    I am a lot of things but one thing I am not is deluded. I have the right to believe what I want to believe. Whose to say i'm right and you're wrong or you're right and i'm wrong???? The fact is I have had paranormal things happen to me before and I also know of people who have and unless it happens to you, you'll never know how powerful it is.

    For the believer no proof is necessay - me
    For the non-believer no proof is possible - you.

    As quoted by Derek's spirit guide Sam.
  13. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    This quote can be applied to many, many things on this planet, religion to name but one, and unfortunately it is such a vague and meaningless quote, in that he doesn't have to justify anything he says...i don't believe in the paranormal or religion, however, as someone who has dealt with evidence and facts for the last 3 years of my life (as a Historian) proof is ALWAYS possible, and were such proof to come to light of the existence of a god, or paranormal existence i would be quite happy to change my views in light of the evidence put forward.

    What Derek is saying is that he doesnt necessarily HAVE any proof to offer those that dont believe in order to change there minds. For someone who worls with the paranormal to say something like 'no proof is possible' seems a contradiction to what he stands for.
  14. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    Now, now Christoper! You wouldn't want to go upsetting me now would you????.......... Ha,ha,ha!

    Every fella is entitled to their opinion and nothing any one says will change mine! The quote is not from Derek but from his spirit guide. So Derek isn't saying anything really and in my opinion it is a very powerful quote. reasons being the paranormal experiences i've had have left me cold, white and shaking, and when I have tried to explain to Pat what has happened, he has just passed it off as me being silly. "No proof is possible".

    I like to believe that when you die, that it doesn't just end there, something else happens beyond what we can see. I suppose its just who I am.

    PS: totally changing topic here,

    with ur 6 figure sum now, surely you can afford a DECENT HAT?????
  15. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    I'd hate to upset you Rachel, if you have the spirit world on your side who knows what nasties you might throw at me!! :eek:
    I'm not saying people aren't entitled to there own opinions, of course they are and they are as worthy as the next person's, just in my opinion the quote isn't really saying anything.
    And your right Rach about when we die, i'm sure lots goes on that we can't being eaten by worms and the sort... ;) Seriously though i'm sure some part of us 'lives on' but again its one of those enigma's that is likely to remain unsolved.

    As for the 'hat' the tMP shower cap is a holy shrine that will never be replaced. :biggrin:

    Regards, 'Christoper'...when you've finished with my 'h' could i have it back please ;)
  16. Rob Palmer

    Rob Palmer Member

    Many years ago a mate of mine told me about his Grandparents, they were both really into the spiritualist world. They traveled miles up & down the country for messages from the spirit world.

    Unfortunately the old man contracted cancer & was given only months to live. Between them they made a pact that the husband would do what ever was necessary to make contact from the spirit world. To cast aside any doubt the couple agreed a ‘password’ so the lady would know she was not being duped.

    After his death the old lady traveled miles to various mediums & spirit councilors. She never got the password! The charlatans would see an old lady at a spiritualist & it was obvious who she had come to contact. They would say "I have a gentleman here who wants to contact you…." The old lady after a while would ask for the password & watch these people panic!!!!! They couldn’t get rid of her fast enough.

    As I said, she never got the password & she went to some very highly regarded people at the time.

    As for me, I would love to believe, to be able to speak to people who have died. But......

    (By the way, Miss Presley, did you find out if the dog WAS at the address given?)
  17. Miss Presley

    Miss Presley Member

    Absolutely not! Who knows when I might need it again!:tongue:

    Jan van also requested to borrow it for something too.
  18. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Tell him unless he starts writing something that can be used for something other than toilet paper that i demand it back immediately!

    :rolleyes: Next thing you know Bernaerts will be wanting to borrow it!
  19. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    I still remain open minded but yet to be convinced one way or the other about all things paranormal.

    There are some extremely strange things happen in the World that as yet need to be explained.
    One of my Aunties claimed to be a medium with two spirit guides, and the things she knew about without apparently being told were amazing. She didn't do readings for money, nor did she take part in seances, so there was really no reason to claim or come out with the things she did unless she believed it to be true.

    Me? As far as I know I've never experienced anything paranormal (although there is a pretty amazing story about my brother that interested people can get from me by pm if they wish), so I remain completely open to proof of either side of the argument.

    I watched most haunted for quite some period and it bacame extremely frustrating that they never managed to pin down some hard evidence even tho that's the whole reason they were there. If things can only be proved by installing cameras and listening devices etc that cover every single angle in a room then why don't they, instead of going in armed with only hand held cameras that can only ever leave any occurrences open to argument and debate?? Most frustrating.
  20. most haunted

    i will let you all in2 a little secret, now its not a secret im a most haunted fan but what is a secret is that not long ago most haunted did do a filming someplace in england ....anyway ....
    it never got put out on tv or released on dvd, due to the fact that they did film paranormal activity the whole rcrew were knocked out (unconsouse....ignor spelling lol) also in the same fiming they were table tilting and the people around the table were all lifted into the air and frown oposit ends of the room.

    You can bellive if you want or dont..... the truth is this really did happen.
    Tv chiefs turned round and said no...this is too scary for tv.

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