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    Well for most sectioned bands apart from Championship, saw them well at Rolls Royce Derby on Sunday 18th February.

    With Barry Thompson in the box with another Adjudicator we were sure to get some good and lengthy comments from them. Although the day didn't see some bands well!

    Contest started at 11am with the 4th Sectons bands kicking off the day with Philip Wilby's The Seasons. Some excellent performances! I particularly thought this piece needed lots of dedication in the first movement with it being a memoriam piece. Lots of dynamic contrasts and intonation to concentrate on for 4th Section bands. Manky time signatures as well! ;) .

    3rd Section test piece, Prelude & Jubilate by Darol Barry. I thought this was a very good up beat piece at times. The bands did very well in this section to play this piece. Me in particular enjoyed this piece though I wasn't able to listen to all of them. Well done to all the bands in the 3rd Section.

    2nd Section, Carnival by Helen Perkin. I can't comment on this piece because I didn't actually listen to any 2nd Section bands, but if I'd have been there I am sure I would have enjoyed it and would have had lots of good things to say about it. Although people in the 2nd Section, might disagree with me!!!

    1st Section, Sinfonietta "The Wayfarer" by Eric Ball very hymn style at the beginning that gradually builds up to be an agressive piece with the hymn played again at fff at the end of the last movement. I was fortunate to listen to this piece and thought it was cracking! There wasn't alot of 1st Section bands there but it was good to listen to who was there.

    All in all, this was a brilliant yet entertaining day at Derby, and well for some bands that didn't do to well get practising and make a comeback at the real thing AREAS!!!! Have fun practicing and I'm sure your all aware of the results.
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