Derby Central Band concert in Sheffield

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    The Derby Central Band of the Salvation Army will be presenting an evening of music at the Sheffield Salvation Army Citadel, 12 Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11 8YN, on the 13th June commencing at 7.00

    Under the leadership of former International Staff Bandsman Alan Losh, the band will play a variety of music that will predominantly feature music from the Salvation Army but will also contain music from film theatre, classical and contemporary genres.

    The band is made up of some 40 players and will also feature International Staff Bandsmen David Purkiss (cornet) and Darren Willis (Euphonium) who will no doubt entertain with their chosen solo's!

    Tickets are just £3.00 and are available now by sending a SAE to 12 Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11 8YN

    Check out the Sheffield Citadel Band facebook page for more information

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    There are still tickets available for this event!

    look forward to seeing you there!

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