Denton Raise £1100.00 for Charity

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  1. BIG Paul

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    Manchester England
    On Saturday 7th June 2008, Denton Brass again took to the stage at Denton’s Festival Hall in front of a capacity audience to perform the Sixth annual PETER GEE MEMORIAL CONCERT.

    As last year, we were still sorting out seats for the late arrivals as the concert started. The audience were enthralled throughout the first half and were absolutely delighted at the concluding piece to this half, The Good The Bad and The Ugly. This piece had a comedy element to it as Colin Myers (principal cornet) and Lydia Payne (flugal horn) dressed up for the piece. As the music concluded Johnathan Davies (Musical Director) was shot and carried off on a stretcher by St John’s Ambulance Brigade (Some of Peter Gee’s ex colleagues).

    It was then the turn of Denton’s training band to take to the stage, they performed 4 pieces of music led by one of the senior tutors (Matthew Gee). The training band were met by great applause, and their program was well received. Following the interval the band performed three pieces of music prior to the auction. Fortunately this year the auction did not take quite as long as in previous years because most people were in a generous mood and did not take much winding up to increase their bids. The second half of the concert continued culminating in two encores of African Funk, the music written for Brass Band Aid.

    The band then headed for the bar to quench their thirst whilst the audience went home humming African Funk.

    £1101.37 was raised for Christies against cancer
  2. Jonathan P davies

    Jonathan P davies New Member

    A Big Thankyou

    Just a quick message to thank everyone that took part on saturday night in a fantastic concert for a great cause.
    It is a remarkable achievement for the band and audience to raise so much money.
    A big thankyou must go to all the guest playrs who came in on saturday and did a great job, without you it wouldn't have been possible.Thankyou
  3. flugtastic

    flugtastic Member

    The Home of Whit Friday
    What a really enjoyable concert it was! for both players and audience!
    A Big thank you to Janice(band treasurer) and BIG Paul for all there hard work and efforts at yet another sucsessful evening! :)
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