Denton 150 years old this year

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    Press Release 11th January 2009

    Denton Brass announce the start of their 150th anniversary celebrations.

    This year the band celebrate 150 years of banding in Denton.

    Denton (original band was formed in 1859 by Thomas Baxendale (hat manufacturer), the band rehearsed in the mill at the end of Taylor street, but later removed to a room behind the Bowling Green pub.

    In 1900 the very first National Brass Band Championships were held in London, where Denton Band won the 1000 guineas Trophy, there was reported to be great rejoicing in Denton.

    Denton (original) “B” band in 1993 ? changed it’s name to Crown Point Brass

    This band again changed it’s name in 1999 to Denton Brass and survives today under this name.

    If you played with the band at any time under any of the above names and would like to be part of our celebrations then please contact the Musical Director Graham Smith on 0161 330 6140 or 07931348139 or Paul Keogh on 0161 320 4254 or email
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    In response to several enquiries

    YES the band was once known as Denton (original) Oldham Batteries Band
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    Please note that players just turning up on the night of the anniversary concert will NOT be allowed to play, we need to know before hand if you would like to take part in the celebrations, contact details remain the same as above posts.
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    Will do my best to be there, It'd be nice to see you all again.
    Nat xx

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