Dental Charter for Children - anyone know what the policy is?

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    Hi All

    I have an issue with dental treatment for children that I'd like advice on please. Does anyone know if there is a Dental Charter for Children in existence in UK or Welsh legislation? My lad has been in a lot of pain this last weekend and this morning has a lot of swelling and more pain etc... so I contacted his dentist for an emergency appointment. I was told by the very aloof receptionist that as he missed his last appointment (cancelled by my wife due to him being on a school trip to France) he was no longer registered with them...!!!

    Somewhat confused I asked the receptionist what that meant, and she replied... " as you [implying me, not them] made him miss his last appointment, he's no longer registered with us". I explained that he is a 14 year old child and not a 'have to pay for treatment adult' and as such he's entitled to free dental treatment on the NHS... she huffed, muttered something under her breath, said hang on a mo, went away and came back asking if I could bring him down later today. Ii have just received a call asking if I could come down a loittle earlier as they have now had a late cancellation.

    So, I need to find out what the NHS/Gvt policy is on dental treatment for children. Does anyone have any pointers please?

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