Denis Wick Soprano Cornet Cup Mute

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jimmythesaint, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. jimmythesaint

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    Just thought I would tell everyone (that is interested in the sop!!) that I have recently bought Denis Wick Soprano Cornet Cup Mute and to date I am very pleased with it. Tuning is good as is sound. After using normal cornet cup mute for so long this is a god send!!
    I believe it has only come out and I heard about it on 4barsrest. Follow link for review!

    £25 well spent. Got mine from Band Supplies, prompt and as efficient as ever!
    Sop Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    this made me laugh
  3. jimmythesaint

    jimmythesaint Member

    Yes... they must have heard it being played by one of those intelligent soprano players! :lol:
  4. Someone told me soprano cup mutes cost something like £50.. or use to. DAMN EXPENSIVE FOR SOMETHING SO LITTLE! :lol:

  5. AJSOP

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    i have a peter gane sop mute. not adjustable. Is it worth getting this new wick adjustable or would you stick to the peter gane?? :roll:
  6. WhatSharp?

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    I have a Peter Gane one, and it's OK BUT it does sound different if everyone else is playing wicks. If your cornets usually play the Humes & Berg fibre cups then it's ok but if (like my band) all your cornets play wick adjustables then it does stick out (Peter Gane ones cost £55!).

    Having only recently got my PG mute I'm having a really hard time justifying the expense of buying another one to my Wife! Had I known wicks were bringing one out (oh the benefit of hindsight) I would never have brought the PG, just got the Wick instead (there are tuning issues with the PG I've noticed).