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  1. GaryFaulds

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    I have a problem which I would like to share with you I have a besson 700 series euphonium and at present have a heritage 4al mouthpiece which in my opinion is a good mouthpiece others may say differently but I wanted a sm4u which I bought then found that it was too small for my instrument,it goes too far into the shank of the instrument and has some free play in it I wrote to Denis wick who did try and help me but came to the conclusion that it must only fit the sovereign and Prestiege series every other mouthpiece I have has fitted perfectly even the heritage so any ideas how to fix my problem or does someone want to buy it

    gary faulds
  2. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    Hi Gary,
    Is it stamped SM4MU? rather than SM4U?
    Sounds like you have the 'M' shank version for european or older B&H euphoniums which is smaller.
    Regards, Jenny
  3. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    Hi ,
    Yes it is marked sm4u my instrument is 25 years old
  4. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    I wonder if it is the smaller shank version that got stamped incorrectly because if a 4AL fits (which has not be turned down or altered) then a SM4U should fit.
    I have both here, they are the same fit and I just tried them on a mid 1980's 700 series! No problem :)
  5. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    Hi Jenny,
    i sent it to Denis wickand they said there is not a problem with it but it does not fit mine

    Iwill swap it with you
  6. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    What is the serial number on the 700 series
  7. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    It is 694*** dates to 1984
  8. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    Will check mine tomorrow thanks
  9. cockaigne

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    Insulating tape wrapped around the shank a couple of times makes a handy (if somewhat Heath Robinson-esque) adapter - something I've had to resort to a couple of times on historical and vintage instruments. Not a long term solution, but it should do well enough in the interim for you to get playing on the mouthpiece you want to try out.
  10. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    Mine starts 674
  11. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    1983 then, not alot in it :)
  12. shawneuph

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    There is no way that a SM4U would be to small for your euphonium you either have a SM4MU meant for a medium shank euphonium like an early Imperial etc or you have the baritone SM4U either way you have the wrong mouthpiece. Are you at the Crawley or Buxton Contests this weekend ? if so bring it with you to the The First Brass stand and we will take a look for you.
  13. GaryFaulds

    GaryFaulds New Member

    sm4u problem solved

    hi all,
    i have solved my problem with mouthpiece ,there is a raised joint inside the mouthpiece shank on the instrument which the mouthpiece was hitting so all i did was chop 5mm of the end of the mouthpiece with a plumbers pipe cutter (clean cut)and now it fits perfectly
    thanks for all other posts
  14. fsteers

    fsteers Member

    A little late to do anything about it now, but shortening the shank changes the length of the backbore and the gap, both of which are likely to affect intonation and slotting.
  15. Oxted Band

    Oxted Band New Member

    Just found this thread after buying an SM4U Euph mouthpiece and finding exactly the same problem fitting my Sovereign Euph (late '90s 968 model). It also fails to fit properly in my Bach Trombone, so clearly a mouthpiece issue not an instrument issue.

    I'll take up with the supplier tomorrow but I wonder if there is a faulty batch of these mouthpieces. Has anybody else had issues with the Ultra mouthpieces?


  16. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    Hi Ben,

    Not sure if it is a batch problem but more of a change in design over the years.
    I have found the same problem with tuba mouthpieces, the earlier 1980's ones are just under an inch shorter than the newer versions which does mean trouble with some older mouthpipe receivers which have the internal ridge. Also applies to B&H Imperial baritones/euphoniums!

    Cheers, Jenny