Denis Wick Heritage Mouthpieces

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by xRinat, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I have one

    In my personal experience it has a warmer tone than the regular 4B, especially in the lower register, but i feel i need to push more air through it compared to a regular 4B

    I find it rather comfortable, though i have heard it may affect some players teeth?

    If i was playing a Bb cornet all the time i would use it all the time
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    I play on a Trombone Heratige mouthpiece and it'll do what all mouthpieces do, feel fantastic for the first couple of weeks, then your chops will start to adapt so you'll split a couple of notes every now and again but you'll settle into it soon enough if you practise regularly - I really enjoy mine =]
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    I've got various mouthpieces lying around at home, including a few Wick pieces. The internal measurements are the key here... One old-style 4AL, totally contrary to the Wick specs, has a narrower inside diameter than one old-style 5BL, which in turn has a smaller inner diameter than a Heritage 4AL, which should have an identical inside to the old-style 4AL...

    I hear people claiming that the mass redistribution on the outside from old-style to Heritage makes a discernable difference - but with machining errors this large in the mouthpiece dimensions, I don't see how it is possible to tell. Essentially - the vast majority of difference between mouthpieces comes from the internal shape; a lot of mythology is talked about the effect of mass distribution, but very little of it has ever been quantified.
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    Yes, about the teeth problem, my friend has no problems with hs teeth by playing on the heritage mouthpiece, he has been playing on it for like a month now.
    Maybe it affects after about 2 months and maybe it only affects some people.
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    I see, you ever tried the S sized mouthpiece?
  7. MoominDave

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    On a bass trombone?
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    I was sent both the 4AL and 5AL to review for the BTS magazine. To my eternal discredit, I haven't got around to it yet! I can see the philisophy behind the change of shape, but I don't really get on with any of the new ones. My own 4AL is one of the early 1970's models and I don't think they should have changed it.

    Most interestingly, my usual 'safe' range is up to a concert Eb, but with the Heritage, I could only reach a Db at a push, so I think the Heritage might be a bit bigger or deeper than the old standard DW. I used the Heritage 4AL for a very intensive week with the Philharmonia and really did suffer. Back to old one, I think!

    However, not having ever got on with the SM euphonium models, I tried the Heritage 4AL in my euph and it was brilliant, so all is not lost.

    I've now got to think of what to write....
  9. MoominDave

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    It's a shame they didn't send you several specimens, to counteract the variability. It's interesting that, just like my 4ALs, the Heritage is larger - but two specimens does not a statistical survey make!

    I did see an online report by David Werden on the differences with 4ALs - he stated that he found the dimensions to be identical between old-style and Heritage, and claimed to find a difference playing-wise. How much of that comes down to the different rim shapes giving different facial feedbacks is a moot point.
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    I play on a DW Heritage 4 and have done since January 2009. Prior to that, I used to play on a standard DW 4. I have found the Heritage to be more comfortable and, for some reason, have felt my range to have a better quality of sound. I really like it.
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    I have and its horrid!
    If u want a good sop mouthpiece get a warburton,iv been on mine for 8 years and love it! :clap:
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    Likewise, I was using a (borrowed) standard DW4. I bought a DW Heritage 4. I thought at first that it was just an overpriced gimmick, however, my range appears to have improved and I seem to have a better quality of sound - strange.
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    I would have expected that the thinner cup would produce more resonance when playing louder, thus compensating for the changes in instrument manufacture that makes sound more homogenius across dynamics? (i.e., louder production producing more overtones and a brighter sound whilst maintaining pitch control). I suppose any difference would be heard if a player is rigid in his/her approach to production and execution of notes (... and what percentage of players would that cover?) :confused:
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    FWIW, they're thinner just under the rim, and thicker near the throat.

    But the point that you first have to find internally identical old-style and Heritage pieces appears to be being missed here... Tiny differences in internal shape can make large differences in blow, while any mass effect is really rather small... It's really difficult to set up a valid direct comparison - particularly when the kinds of internal errors exist that I pointed out above.

    It is, as I alluded above, very easy to descend into mythology on this one... The only thing to do is to try a number of mouthpieces that claim to be similar to the one that you like, and then use the one that works best.
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    The solo horn player in my band got sent a heritage mouthpiece to try.

    She wasn't sure about it at first, but really likes it now.
  16. brassneck

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    - When I had my run of buying tuba mouthpieces, I found that it (model 2.5CC) was very similar in response to the Conn Helleberg. Not for my personal taste when combined with the Maestro 632.
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    After moving from euph to trom I was struggling to hit notes in the centre in the higher register (Ab upwards) on a 4AL so thought I'd try something smaller and bought a heritage 5AL. Must say I'm quite pleased with it. Feels really comfy on the chops and think it produces a warmer sound than the normal shape wick. Quiet playing is easier too but that may just be down to how conmfortable it is.
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    Wow, so many have been saying that the Heritage is good, what I found out about the new DW heritage is :
    - It is comfortable to play on.
    - Gives warmer and round sound.
    - Easier to play quiet.
    - Easier on the high register.

    What I came down to is... That I am going to buy a DW Heritage 4 mouthpiece for Bb Cornet!
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