Denis Wick 2AL Mouthpiece.

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    Denis Wick 2AL Mouthpiece
    Denis Wick
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  3. midnight_euph

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    I love the 2AL and 3AL. Been using them since 1976(?) when I got my hands on a 967 sov euph. still using them now and happy with the ease of ALL a euph's range.
  4. Unregistered

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    Yeah the 2AL and 3AL really are great mouthpieces, I've just bought myself a DW SM6 which should arrive tommorow! :D
  5. Lignum-tech

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    Wooden mouthpiece for Brass Instruments


    you all Know the problem when you have
    An allergy against metall !
    I developed a mouthpiece series out of tropical
    woods. They great and have a rich, fully and wonderfull
    warm sound.

    More information you can get there:

    Nice to hear from you.

    Jürgen Würth

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