Denham Hendon Brass - Help Needed for L&SC Areas Sun 18/3 (and on going vacancies)

Discussion in 'Deputies Wanted' started by yooflou, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. yooflou

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    We need some help for the Areas. We are in the second section and will be playing Cross Patonce. We need cornets, Euphonium and Bass (either Eb or Bb - though would prefer bB!).
    We rehearse Monday and Thursday nights (8-10pm) in High Wycombe and can pick you up if needed from High Wycombe Station for rehearsals. Expenses will of course be covered.
    Please PM me if you are able to help out.
  2. mjwarman

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    Good luck, I hope you manage to recruit some players.
  3. kierendinno

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    PM sent :)