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    Well its been at least six months since I found myself handing in my Band Jacket at Darley Band room, after resigning as chairman, player, unwelcome emergency conductor, and fixer. I can recall many occasions in the past when I have been cheesed off enough to contemplate packing it all in, but I would find myself walking past my coat hooks in the hallway at home, and find I could just not imagine taking it off the hook, driving up to Darley one cold wet windy monday night and actually handing in the treasured flack jacket.

    Having rehearsed this little charade many times over the years it was a strange experience to find myself in the store cupboard last year at Darley band room, hanging the old "full metal band jacket" on the hook on the back of the door. Having been through weeks of turmoil and heart searching and having survived all the seismic tremors that are part of a collapsing band, as symbolic gestures go, it felt rather empty and emotionless.

    I chaired my last AGM the same night, thanked all those present for their efforts over the years, handed over my keys and various bits of paper work to the new chairman and that was it. The band as I understand it has continued as a none contesting/none performing junior rehearsal band.

    I am very pleased about this, as it means the band is continuing in some shape or form, and its good to know that all the blood, toil, tears and sweat put in by so many people over the years has not been in entirely vain.

    I was also greatly heartened to see one or two old faces turning up at my final AGM. They had decided to re-join the band just as I was leaving it, a more heart breaking and unfortunate coincidence is hard to imagine! if only i had known a little earlier!, no doubt they too are cursing their ill luck and bad timing. A very cruel twist of fate indeed!

    So, here I am on civvy street, with an honourable discharge/ exemplary service record certificate in my trench coat pocket, trundling around town, boring people to death in pubs with ice breakers like "I used to be in a band you know!" or "I once played at wembley mate" (I leave the "conference centre" bit out)

    Yes its a sad life I lead these days as an ex bandsman,...sniff.....blubb......
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    Have to come to Killamarsh more Shaggy, if your missing banding that much.
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    Come on Daniel you should know by now to take everything Shaggy says with a very large pinch of salt - excellent t-i-c style with an undercurrent of added barbs.
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    "added barbs"? what ever do you mean?
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    Must be a typo, am sure he meant "added herbs" ?!?!