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  1. chrisgs

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    Does any one know where I can downlaod a recording of Demelza (Hugh Nash)?
    I don't really want to get a whole album, and I can't find anywhere I can buy it as an individual track.

  2. KMJ Recordings

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    As far as I'm aware, this kind of service isn't yet widely available for Brass Band music, certainly not legally. There was a discussion on this HERE.

    Chandos are probably the main suppliers by selling their back catalogue for download, but I just had a quick look there and didn't see it.
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    was also recorded on a Hammonds Tape CD with Brian Evans playing the solo, Geof Whitham conducting
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    Get a Copy of the CD that THE GREAT BRAIN EVANS made with Wingates Band :
    It is pure sheer MAGIC:clap: not only Demelza but the whole CD:clap:
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    Peter Wilson & EYMS recorded this a few years ago - as they have a new disc on the way, they may sell them off at a reduced price. Quite often I've bought an album for one track - try it, you find all sorts of gems!
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    I think he is sorted now. ;)
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    There's a cracking recording of Mark Pye playing it on our latest CD "On Track". The whole CD is pretty good (even if I do say so myself). You can get one via our website
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I've managed to get it now, but I might think about getting one of the full CDs recommended sometime!(when I have some spare cash!!) (o: