Demelza - Available?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rapier, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Anyone know if Demelza (as played by Glyn Williams as a Horn solo) is available as a band arrangement from anywhere?

  2. dyl

    dyl Active Member

  3. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Yes, I think it was a Sop solo but wondered if the Horn version was out there somewhere.

    Thanks for looking. :)
  4. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    It's the same one.
  5. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Can a Sop part be played on a Horn without bursting a blood vessel?
  6. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Our horn plays it as a Solo and there isn't anything too squeaky for her to play.
  7. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I also play it on Baritone as well:clap: ;)
  8. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. Being a self taught musical ignoramus, I just assumed that anything written for a Sop part would be miles too high for a Horn. :oops:
  9. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    It's written at the same pitch.. just sounds an octave lower!
  10. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    There is also a Bb arrangement out there under a different title, but I can't recall it at the moment.
  11. NAS

    NAS Member

    Maid of the moor I think...
  12. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Yup! That's it.. I heard it on brasscast! :D
  13. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Right, next question. Anybody got a Sop part that I could have a look at? I don't want to buy it for the Band and then find I can't play it! ;)
  14. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I'll pm you the details
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2005
  15. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Trust me you can play it! Just make sure that the band reduces and cornets play with mutes, or otherwise you won't be heard.
  16. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Just to echo Ben's comments, we have played it as a horn solo, but the soloist needs to be quite a strong player to project over the band and maybe you will need to do some juditious cutting of parts or even muting the odd person (although that changes the tone as well as quietens it don't forget). Its a really nice horn solo (its a really nice sop solo too :icon_cheesygrin: ) and very playable as long as you don't forget the piece was scored for a sop singing over the top of the band sound rather than a horn playing from within it.
  17. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Thanks for that peeps. In my band, if we cut any parts there would be no one left to play! :D

    Our Euph player has Glyn Williams playing it and suggested I play it too! Now whether that's because he thinks I sound like Mr. Williams or he just wants a laugh, I'm not decided. But I'd like to have a look at the part before we waste the money buying it. They still haven't forgiven me for buying Zulu. ;)
  18. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Our Solo Horn plays it (Glyn Williams being our MD instigated that!)
    It's not a difficult piece at all for accompinament and you can single up on parts where needed and just make sure no-one gets excited and blows their jacobs off at the end where you hit the top G (I think?), I think the difficulty in the piece is keeping the accompinament under the Solo part and making good contrast between dynamics.
  19. lucretia

    lucretia Member

    Top Bb actually. Not that I got stressed about it or anything...
  20. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Ah right, probably our horn making it sound effortless :icon_biggrin:

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