Deiniolen Silver Band - New CD - 'Llechen Las'

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    It is now over 170 years since a group of quarrymen from the Dinorwig Slate Quarry formed what is now known as the Deiniolen Silver Band. The quarry still has a huge influence on the band to this day, with the band reharsing every week in its own building in the village that used to be an old slate mill. This influence is enforced with the release of the band’s second CD, which sees the present-day band pay their respects to their forefathers, and also looking forward to the next generation of banders in Deiniolen.

    In 2001 the band commissioned a new piece of music from the pen of the world-famous brass band composer, Darrol Barry, to celebrate the re-opening of the bandroom. The piece comes in three movements – ‘The Quarry’, ‘Caledffrwd River’ & ‘The Old Mill’ – titles that describe the band’s connection with the slate industry. The piece is titled ‘Llechen Las’ (‘The Slate’) – and it is this name which has been given as the CD’s title. The words ‘Llechen Las’ are repeated (and can be heard on one track on the disc) in a piece of poetry commissioned especially for this recording by the poet Dafydd John Pricthard to reflect the band’s origin in the slate quarry.

    The disc was recorded on an extremely warm weekend in July at Canolfan Dinorwig by the recording company Dolce Productions from South Wales. It was a special experience recording the music in the shadow of the old quarry – especially considering that the members of the youth band had joined the senior members to record two items on the disc. This is the first time in the band’s history that all the members of the organisation appear on disc together – from the youngest, aged 6, to the oldest, aged 70!

    It was a pleasure to be able to welcome back an ex-member of the Band to perform as guest soloist on this recording. Gavin Saynor is now regarded as one of the foremost brass soloists in Britain, and his success is a prime example of the way in which young talent is nurtured and encouraged at the ‘Hen Felin’ in Deiniolen. The band are also honoured in being given the opportunity to accompany the famous voice of John Eifion Jones, whose mellow tenor voice and natural musicianship have won him acclaim throughout the Principality and beyond.

    'Llechen Las' is available to purchase from, priced £10, from any band member, or via the contact details on our website - - where you can also view photos from the recording weekend and listen to samples from the CD.

    The band wish to thank the First Hydro company ( for their support towards this project, and also to Gareth Ritter and James Voros from Dolce Productions ( for making this project such an enjoyable and successful one for all concerned.

    Track listing:

    1 - Overture: ‘Impresario’
    2 - Mid All The Traffic
    3 - Scooby Doo (Where Are You?)
    4 - Bøn
    Llechen Las:
    4 - (i) Y Chwarel
    5 - (ii) Afon Caledffrwd
    6 - (iii) Yr Hen Felin
    7 - Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (Soloist: Jeni Lyn Morris)
    8 - Dance Before The Lord
    9 - Sosban Fach
    10 - Myfanwy (Soloist: Leah Grebenar)
    11 - Peanut Vendor
    12 - Ground Pavan
    13 - March from ‘The Moorside Suite’
    14 - Polar Bear (Guest Soloist: Gavin Saynor)
    15 - Vitae Lux
    16 - I’ll Walk With God (Guest Soloist: John Eifion Jones)
    17 - An American Trilogy

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    I might just have to get me one of these. I've head that I'll Walk with God with John Eifion Jones is absolutely stunning. :)
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    And there are favourable comments from 4BR here.