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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by katej, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. katej

    katej Member

    Tonight sadly I had the misfortune to turn up to band rehearsal to find 3 door men in attendance. I had received a letter earlier in the week from a solicitor acting on behalf of the bands committee stating that an EGM that had been asked for according to the band constitution would not now be going ahead. I dread to think how much these acts have cost the band. I have been told by a committee member that it doesn't concern me as a 'mere' member and to direct any questions to the solicitor in writing rather than to the committee by another.
    A player who registered with the band and played at the area contest was told that he was not allowed to enter the bandroom as he is not a member of the band. A friend of mine had travelled 23 miles to attend rehearsal tonight intending to become a member of the band having been to rehearsals on 2 previous occasions. She was advised that as her name was not on the list she was not allowed into the band room either. I spoke with the chairman once inside the room and in front of witnesses he stated that this was an executive committee decision and he could not allow her in as she was not a member.

    A disabled member of the band was also told that his partner and carer was not allowed in either. At this point several of us declined to continue with the rehearsal and left. It’s a sad state of affairs when at a time when we need to be encouraging new players and openly state on our website that the general public are welcome to come and listen to rehearsals that this has come to pass.

    Very disturbed tonight that 4th section banding has come to this.... :(
  2. Blower

    Blower Member

    I've read your post three or four times and don't quite see what it's all about? Why's it come to this, what's going on exactly?
  3. truckingtuba

    truckingtuba New Member

    yes AND It was the BBb player that was turned away no wonder they are in short supply
  4. katej

    katej Member

    well am unsure as to why it was felt necessary in the first place - bemused that the chairman and committee members that were there still refused to let a new player in becasue they were not a 'member' - they had appointed the 'security' so could have allowed her in...... does that make it any clearer??
  5. Blower

    Blower Member

    Nope, guess they must have their reasons but can't at this stage see what they may be!
  6. truckingtuba

    truckingtuba New Member

    me as well its very sad
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Who asked for the EGM? What was the reason? Why was it turned down?
  8. katej

    katej Member

    sadly I am not able to comment further as to what those reasons may be, certainly none that I'm aware of that would prevent a potential new player from being allowed in. :(
  9. Blower

    Blower Member

    not able to comment or if you gave all the facts it'd go against your opinion?
  10. katej

    katej Member

    My opinion is just that - mine and mine alone. The facts are simple - there are always 2 sides but as solicitors have been involved I feel its prudent to not offer any 'facts' that may be misconstrued... the post tonight is merely about the way a potential new player was treated (incidentally they said they would not return if this is how the band treats potential new players) and also how it goes against the bands constitution and own website...
  11. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    All reads as though there are things your choosing not to tell us I'm afraid. No band would go to these lengths for NO reason. . . .
  12. Bassboner

    Bassboner New Member

    "A player who registered with the band and played at the area contest was told he was not allowed to enter the band room as he is not a member of the band" Excuse me!, If he is registered then he IS a member.I play for fun (sections 1-4 for 35 years)
    , and enjoy contesting, but coments like this enoy me intensly, and do the movement no good!:-(
  13. truckingtuba

    truckingtuba New Member

    sorry ploughboy but u know as much as us its a realy sad day 4 banding
    my views entirely bassboner been around a while myself and its the first time this has happened to me
  14. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    If you are that dissatisfied, find a new Band. There are loads out there short of players. Your current 4th section band must be full if they can afford to let 4 players/prospective players walk away.
  15. truckingtuba

    truckingtuba New Member

    sorry pete but not so lost a few before this n pos 9-10 2 night a very sad day maybe time 2 hang up the tuba 4 good
  16. katej

    katej Member

    9 of us walked away from the band room tonight, 1 member had already said they would not attend until an EGM/AGM was called. We left 9 people in the band room, a new conductor was present as following the areas our conductor had said they would play only. I don't know what the new conductor had been told but was there last week and seemed to be under the impression that it was a new band.
  17. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Erm.. Is this an english speaking band?
    Or am I the only one who isn't entirely following things here...
  18. katej

    katej Member

    Yes Aidan even if sometimes it seems like double dutch!
    The bands constitution does not allow for disciplining or excluding members, there is no code of conduct at present. Solicitors and heavies on the door merely serves to waste valuable band funds, this band is also a registered charity!
  19. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Katej - this thread, and the other which you initiated with regards to what constitutes membership of a band, strikes of ill feeling and discontent. And yes I am aware of what is happening within your band.... Maybe you would like to enlighten readers as to the reasoning behind your posting? Let them have the information about why there is such discontent rather than cherry picking which info to divulge; then they can give you their opinions. Readers cannot, though, give you definative answers as they are not party to information such as what your individual constitution does, or does not (which is equally as important), say.

    These posts are similar to several that we hear when 'name' bands are involved, where players/conductors are leaving bands/conspiracy theories and the usual trolls contribute. (Which I am not saying you are doing or have been involved with). You need to be upfront with your committee (who appear to be having to take the appropriate stance considering the actions of individuals within the band)
    and discuss this in a professional manner, rather than canvassing opinions.

    After previously working with your band for quite some time, and seeing how a wonderful outfit such as this has continued to progress and thrive in spite of the barriers that many bands face, it saddens me that the band, which is very highly regarded within it's town and with local dignitories, is facing such difficulties.

    If you and other players are not happy, you are blessed with having a multitude of bands in the North West and Midlands area that would snap your hands off at the offer of joining. Do not let your discontent affect other players, or the running of the band, and make the decision to join another band that fits your ethos.
  20. katej

    katej Member

    I have tried to discuss this with the committee of the band. I have been stonewalled and advised to put any comments in writing to a solicitor. I left my previous band to join this one and felt that I was joining what you describe, a friendly progressive band with a bright future ahead, I even brought along my partner and 2 other players such was my conviction that this band would be great for us to be with.
    Sadly however the committee have chosen to exclude a player who is undergoing treatment with combat stress for PTSD, stating that he had chosen to resign and yes he did say he would leave after a meeting following an altercation with the chairman. However this player then stated to others that he would stay and play as he had calmed down and realised there was no need for him to leave. Not once did a committee member say to him well you've resigned so when are you leaving. Not once did the committee ask him to stay and play for the areas and then leave. His card is still held at the BBBR as a registered player..
    Not only have the committee now chosen to hire heavies and exclude a member from band practice last night stating he is not a 'full' member but merely a contesting member, they then despite being asked refused to allow a new player who had attended twice previously with the intention of joining entry into the building as she was not a 'member'!

    Isn't that enough for now?? Since when have bands needed to stop potential new players/general public from entering a bandroom? I could understand them not allowing the player they had the altercation with in, however there was never any intention of him attending, he had been advised to stay away as it was not worth the hassle.
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