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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by pjb120, May 16, 2005.

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    Anybody know where I can get a decent euphonium gig bag from? Im replacing my car for a motorbike, so need a backpack style bag for riding to practices. Ive seen loads on tinternet but they all look a bit flimsy + tacky. Can anybody recommend a decent quality bag, that's not too expensive (under £150)? Cheers.
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    I've been looking into this too as I ride a bike and play euph. The only one I can find is a ritter bag which looks ok and has shoulder straps. Best looking bag for a bike is the 'gig' ones but suprisingly they're not releasing a euph one yet. I've not bought a ritter one yet so any comments would be appreciated, also heard it struggles to fit a 12 inch bell sovereign.

    Cheers, Jenny
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    Soundwear bags by Winter are very well made and have pockets for all the extras you carry. Whether they are made for the Euph, I don't know but they might be slightly over your budget.
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    I've been using a Rittar triple trumpet bag to cart my flug (and somethimes flug and cornet) about for a while now. Rittar bags seem to be resonable quality, have plenty of pockets for stowing your bits and bobs, and don't cost silly money.

    I think if you're sensible with gig bags they're OK. They're fine for general day to day / to and from the bandroom / in the boot of the car type stuff. But I would never put my flugel in the boot of a coach unless it was in it's hard case as someone is bound to chuck a bass or 2 ton piece of percussion on top of it. If its likely to get knocked by something big or heavy take the hard case - you have to remember you're wrappping your instrument in nothing more than a layer of squishy foam.
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    Id never consider using it for anything other than my motorbike, but I am a bit concerned about the insurance thing - it is a possiblity that if I have a minor accident, it will screw my instrument up + I wont be able to claim. I dont see how I could do it any other way though, since it would be impossible to carry my hard case. This is the one (big) obstacle for me as I downgrade from car to bike.
  7. i got my gig bag from john scheerers music shop in leeds, glyn kearsley the MD of wetherby is the boss there, hope this helps :)

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