December 2015 Top 20 List

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    Sorry for the late posting. I had to have a talk with Apple and AT&T to get tMP to resolve. Ugh.

    Here is the top 20 for December 2015

    1.Grimethorpe Collery Band - En Arajuez Con Tu Amor
    2.The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Floral Dance
    3.Brighouse and Restrict Band: War of the Worlds V. Phoenix
    4.Brass Band Bern - Grell Pastell
    5.Waldsang Brass Band - Heaven
    6.British Army Brass Band - Abu Hassan
    7.The National Band Of New Zealand - March of the Herald
    8.Polysteel Band - Bendictus From The Armed Man
    9.All Star Girls Of Brass - Colonel Bogey
    10.Salvation Army London Citadel Band - Love So Amazing

    11.Brass Band Of Columbus - Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty
    12.Lydmet Lydney Band - Ticket to Ride
    13.The International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army - Life Ablaze
    14.Enfield Citadel Band - Rejoice
    15.Guernsey Concert Brass - Star Trek First Contact
    16.Chicago Staff Band - Amazing Grace
    17.Hendon Salvation Army Band - In The King's Service
    18.Norridge Citadel Band - Shine Down
    19.Fodens Courtois Band - The Thornbirds Theme
    20.EYMS Brass Band - Irish Tune From County Derry
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