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  1. six pints

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    Anyone read it yet? If not, look away now. You have been warned!

    I can't believe Remus is dead, he was my favourite! And Fred and Tonks as well :(. Reading the chapter where Harry is in the pensieve with Snape's memories... heartbreaking stuff. I'm pretty pleased with it. Ending was a bit too cheesey for me, but then I'm a bit sadistic and wanted Harry to die. But, I don't think she could have killed him. Kids would be needing counselling!

    Someone hurry up and read it!
  2. Veri

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    Have you been reading it all night?! Was it as long as the last 2?
    I'm not a great HP fan, I shall wait until one of my friends has finishd with their copy.
    Am interested to see that HP doesn't die - my money was on it being him - I don't see how there is any way otherwise that JKR can prevent having to write more or have other people take up his character.
  3. johnmartin

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    Who gives a monkeys. IT'S A BOOK!!!

    Couldn't get moving in Asda last night for kids queueing up to maybe get a copy of this book.
  4. Morghoven

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    What, apart from copyright law?! And she won't write more unless she wants to, which seems very unlikely.

    I was disappointed we never got to find out what was going on with the curtain in the Ministry that Sirius fell through. The ending was a bit cheesy I guess, but there was enough bloodbath to keep us sadists happy! With that ending I think it would have been nice to have a proper reconciliation between Harry and Ginny which we didn't get.

    And John, yes it is a book. We know! You may not care and that's your right. I'm guessing from your avatar that you're a Celtic follower - but they're a football team, who gives a monkeys?
    Let us enjoy ourselves and don't be such a spoilsport.
  5. six pints

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    Yes! I was convinced that when harry started seeing things in the mirror that Sirius would be back, but, alas, it was never to be. Still, it was the only major thing that really didnt get resolved.
    I'm glad Kreacher turned out nice. And also Draco. Its nice to actually have characters redeem themselves without dying.
  6. Morghoven

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    I wasn't really holding out for Sirius to come back - just wanted to know the explanation! Still, it's probably not a bad thing that one or two bits get left as mysteries, because the characters wouldn't ever get to know every last detail.

    I wouldn't go as far as saying Draco redeemed himself! But yes it was good that there wasn't a clear distinction between 'good and alive' and 'bad and dead', cos we all know life isn't like that.
  7. dyl

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    And I saw that Childline were putting on more staff over the next few days in case kids get too traumatised by whichever character gets killed.


    Having said that, each to their own, I guess.
  8. michellegarbutt

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    Bought the book at midnight and it took me 3 hours to read. Intresting at work this morning to watch how may of us were falling asleep at our desks.

    Enjoyed the book but thought the very end far to cheesy and predictable
  9. Morghoven

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    That is madness! But I would like to think that most people - children included - are capable of reading it as a book!! Surely the vast majority of the populace don't need independent counselling when a fictional chacater gets killed?

    Surely...? :confused:
  10. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Not exactly a new phenomenon - when Sherlock Holmes went over Reichenbach falls with Moriarty people were walking the streets of London with black armbands on and Conan-Doyle got hate mail - to the extent that he eventually had to revive Holmes through some miraculous escape !
  11. bigmamabadger

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    Argh! Arrrghghghghgh! OMG that was just fantastic! Everything becomes clear now.
    It was LittleBabyBadger's school fete today, then I had to entertain my parents so I didn't get chance to read it until this evening. Been going mad all day in case someone rushed up to me and told me what happened.

    Poor poor Snape. I cried, but then I am a very soppy badger.
    I've been arguing for months that Harry was the last horcrux, but that Voldemort didn't mean him to be. Hah! I am vindicated. Excuse me while I go for a gloat...
  12. annmck

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    I haven't read any of the books but I am told they are very good. Perhaps I will read one sometime. However, I am a little uncomfortable with all the hype that surrounds these book and film launches and how an awful lot of people seem to be sucked into it and whipped up into a frenzy.
    Am I the only one who feels like this ?
  13. horn1

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    So glad someone else has finished the book too! I spent most of yesterday at a concert so have only just finished it. I did feel sorry for snape, no one knew he was really good :(
  14. Morghoven

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    I don't think there's particularly any more hype around the film launches than there is for any big 'blockbuster' these days.

    It's certainly unusual to have that level of anticipation and publicity for a book but if there wasn't the demand, Bloomsbury wouldn't spend so much time, effort and money on it. There's so much complaint that people don't read any more, and that books are going out of fashion, and there's general agreement that this is a bad thing; if the Potter series has done anything to reverse that trend then surely that's a good thing?

    The Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle example above is a timely reminder, and Charles Dickens serialised some of his novels in newspapers and was a massive celebrity. There's nothing wrong with art being popular!

    BMB, you gloat away!! I for one had dismissed the "Harry is a horcrux" theory and I now feel suitably sheepish...
  15. SuperMosh

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    The book has 598 full pages of text. Each page has roughly 35 lines of text, each roughly containing between 15/20 words.

    OK, now for the science bit.

    598 x 35 = 20930 lines of text.

    20930 x 17.5 (to be fair) words = 366275 words

    So you're reading speed is

    366275 / 180 = 2034.8611111 words per minute or more astonishingly,

    2034.8611111 / 60 = 33 words per second.

    I watched Short Circuit yesterday and I think he could just about read that quick!!!!

    The maths may be a little off but my amazement at reading in the region of 350,000+ words in 180 minutes isn't!!!

    I have shown my workings for the many teachers who no doubt will check and even more so without doubt, be reading this book.
  16. brassed_off

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    I joined a queue of 500 in Northampton, got photographed and interviewed for local radio station (the pics were for their website!) then went straight home and started reading. Then went out again to do the Next sale at 5am! Finally got some sleep about 7, then did a band job Saturday pm! Crazy, but SO SO worth it! All my theories were right! I knew Snape was good, but not why and JK couldn't kill off Harry. Yes the ending was cheesy, but right too. Roll on the film!
  17. Di B

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    Was disappointed that we didn't get to know more about the living characters at the end.

    What happened to George? Did the shop keep going? How did Mrs Weasley cope becoming a killer (although with good reason - I thought that particular duel was excellent!)
    What about McGonnogal? Lucius & Narcissa? Kreacher?

    I knew Jo was planning to state what happened to the characters who lived, but she really only covered the main characters off. I would have liked to have known about the others.
    I am hoping she may fill out the details on her website at some point now the books are finished.

    All in all, a good ending and a great book - yes, slightly cheesy, but very clever how things all came together at the end.
  18. sterlingsop

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the book but am confused about something. I don't get how Draco can be the rightful owner of the elder wand....the whole ending of the book hangs on this point (voldemort can't be master of it because he didn't take it from it's owner by force and therefore can't kill harry with it) but where on earth does it explain how it came to be his, when all along it's been buried with Dumbledore. Maybe I missed something in my marathon reading session, and I'd be grateful to anyone who can explain it please!!
  19. brassed_off

    brassed_off Member

    Right, well at the end of book 6, Dumbledore had the Elder wand and Draco disarmed him on top of the tower which means the wand then belonged to him although Draco didn't know this. So because Draco disarmed Dumbledore, he beat him so the wand was his. Not Snape's for killing Dumbledore, because Dumbledore didn't defend himself as Draco had already beaten him and therefore Snape did not become the owner of the wand. When Harry disarmed Draco, he beat him in combat which means the wand which saw Draco as it's owner, despite being buried with Dumbledore, became Harry's as Harry had beaten Draco. It couldn't kill it's master (Harry) so when Voldemort tried to use it against Harry, the wand wouldn't work and the cures rebounded.
    I think that makes sense! Works for me.
  20. sterlingsop

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    Thanks for that! I'd forgotten about the duel at the end of the last book - it's been AGES since I read it lol!

    It all makes sense now, and I'm glad JKR didn't cheat and just shove a detail in there to make the ending come together as a neat little package. Cheers!!