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    Susan Elsworth, Inspiration to 1000s of musicians in the Gawthorpe Brass 85 organisation since 1985 passed away on wednesday the 13th February in Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, aged 63 after a short illness.

    Please read the attached tribute.

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  2. Sandy Smith

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    This is such a shock.

    I was lucky enough to work with the Gawthorpe organisation in the late 80's and early 90's,a period which included appearances at the Festival of Music for Youth at the Royal Festival Hall and the schools prom at the RAH.

    Susan was the driving force behind this success and was a constant whirlwind of activity organising the whole shooting match right from the toddlers music group through to the youth band.

    She was at every single rehearsal for every group and goodness knows how many hours she put in behind the scenes keeping the whole thing running.

    John,Matthew,Rachel and Sarah - you can be justly proud of a remarkable dynamo of a woman who introduced making music into the lives of hundreds and hundreds of children and made it such fun too.

    I don't really know what else to say.People like Susan don't come along very often.
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    I was at Gawthorpe from the Mid 90's for around 8 years, Susan gave me my first conducting post. She worked tirelessly to build and strengthen a fantastic organisation. Giving so many local children the chance to do something fun and make music together. I have several very good friends from that era of my banding some of them who are now in their mid 20's who started with Susan's Fun Club aged 2-4! She was the first person to ever put a brass instrument in their hands.

    She will be a massive loss to her family, to the organisation and to the Brass Band movement.

    My sympathies to John, Matthew, Rachel and Sarah.

    Thanks Leigh for posting this sad news.
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    I would like to add my deepest sympathy and that of my husband Mick and children Michael and Gemma to John and Sue's family. Sue was the person who put an instrument in my kids hands and it was the best thing that anyone ever did for them for countless good reasons. I will be one of hundreds of people who will treasure many fond memories of this truly exceptional woman.

    Debbie Howley.
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    Rachel and Leigh,
    Please accept our condolences at this sad time.

    We only know too well what you're feeling right now.

    All the best,
    Billy and Michelle
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    I too am shocked to read this news. I only spent a year at Gawthorpe '85 during my first year at Uni but was made to feel very welcome, especially by Susan. She was always there to help as were Rachel and Sarah.

    Nothing was too much trouble. Susan made travelling from Sheffield to Wakefield twice a week easier for me by arranging lifts from the train station with other band members and helping when I needed to stay locally for the night.

    My condolences go to the whole family at this sad and difficult time
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    Susan Elsworth

    We are very sorry to hear about the death of Susan
    She has been a dear friend to us over the last few years.
    The Gawthorpe organisation is larger than it has ever been and this is all thanks to the tireless and enthusiastic work done by Susan.

    Derek,Caroline & Alistair
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    People like susan do not come round very often. a inspriation to so many. the thoughts ofeveryone in the band movment will be to her family.
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    Just wanted to offer our sincere condolences to Susan's family. She was the heartbeat of the Gawthorpe organisation and will be sincerely missed by so many people. She was one of the most persuasive ladies I've ever met - always offering me 'opportunities' to play with the junior & youth band whenever they were short of players. I (along with many others) somehow were never able to say no to Susan!

    A marvellous woman who will be sorely missed by hundreds of people - especially all the members of the Gawthorpe organisation.

    Craig, Emma, Jessica & Sarah