Death of Roy Mattocks

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    Death of Roy Mattocks

    It is with deepest sadness and regret that the Vernon Building Society Poynton Band must announce the passing away of Roy Mattocks on Friday 16th October 2009. Roy was a true brass bander and had been performing for more than 50 years. We wish his family all our deepest sympathies at this difficult time.

    Roy started playing with the Poynton Band in 1948 before moving to the Mirrlees Works Band in 1953. He stayed at Mirrlees for some 20 years before moving on to the Fairey Band in 1973.
    He returned to the Poynton Band in 1982, but this time a change of instrument was on the cards. The band was in need of an Eb Bass player and Roy (an Eb Horn Player) offered his services. just to fill in until a "Real Bass Player" could be found. He remained on Eb Bass until 2008.

    Funeral details will be announced as soon as possible.

    Dave Johnson ,Vernon BS Poynton Band .
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    Roy Mattocks Funeral

    Poynton Baptist Church, Park Lane, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1RE

    Friday 30 October at 2.15pm .
    Vernon BS Poynton Band will be playing in Roy's memory.

    Thanks Dave
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