Death of Renowned Canadian Euphonium Player

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by John Brooks, May 12, 2004.

  1. John Brooks

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    I'm sorry to report that Major Bill Brown, the former Euphonium Soloist of the Canadian Staff Band passed away last night after a very brief fight with leukemia. Bill played his last solo about two weeks ago, as a member of the Ontario Fellowship Band, just prior to falling ill.

    I had several conversations with "Major Bill" during the past year and his love and enthusiasm for the band scene never diminished.
  2. Gorgie boy

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    Sad to hear that news. Any Canadian Staff Band recordings I have which feature him show him to be a very fine player and I'm told he was also a good Christian gentleman. Pretty sure he was also the brother of General Arnold Brown.

    Paul Drury
  3. John Brooks

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    You're correct on both accounts Paul. While our topics of conversations were never far away from the banding scene, they never strayed too far away from the spiritual either. He attended at least two ISB concerts (Toronto and Hamilton) and no doubt renewed some acquaintances on those occasions.

    He was ready for his final "promotion" and looked forward to making the journey!
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    Very sad to hear this news, have got a recording of the CSB and there's a lot of truely remarkable Euph playing on it.
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    Very Shocking loss!

    Less than two weeks (May 1/2) ago the Candian Staff Band had its 35th anniversary program and alumni weekend and Bill Brown was one of eight euphonium soloists to take part in "Timepiece" with the composer Norman Bearcroft conducting. He was also present and active in the worship services the next day.

    Last night at CSB rehearsal we had a time fo tribute by our executive officer and then we played the tune "Promoted to Glory". Our own little tribute to a small man with a giant impact.

    Craig Lewis
    Principal Trom
  7. v_star

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    Condolences to both his family and everyone in association with Bill. There seem to be a lot of losses in the banding world at present. I'm sure that Bill will be watching over everyone, probably cringing at bad tuning and such likes.

    Such a short battle with Leukemia. A tragedy.
  8. Brian Bowen

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    I'm reliably informed that Bill (whose family originated from Newfoundland) was not the brother of the late General Arnold Brown.