Death of euphonium star

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    This is the article posted on
    "The sad news has reached us that the fine euphonium player and brass teacher, Shaun Thomas has died aged just 34.
    The sad news has reached 4BR, that the fine young euphonium player, conductor and brass teacher, Shaun Thomas has died, today, the 1st March, aged just 34.

    Shaun was formally the principal euphonium player of the St. Austell, Mount Charles and Camborne bands in Cornwall, as well as playing for many other bands throughout the country such as the Parc and Dare in Wales and the Sun Life Band. His last brass band contest performance was with the Camborne Band at the National Finals in London in October last year.

    In addition, his solo performances won many admirers and prizes at the top most brass contests in the country, such as the Yeovil contest in 2003 and the Brass in Concert Contest at Spennymoor in 2002, whilst his band playing enhanced countless prize winning performances over the years for whoever he played for.

    At the time of his death he was employed as a full time peripatetic brass teacher with the Cornwall Music Service, and their Head, John Harries told 4BR: ‘We are completely shocked at this sad news. Shaun was an inspirational teacher and a fine man who made a huge impression wherever he went. Such was his charisma and teaching ability, that at an infants school in St. Ives he gave a demonstration of brass playing that resulted in over 40 young children taking up instruments and being taught by him. 18 months later every single one of them is still playing."

    "We are completely shocked at this sad news. Shaun was an inspirational teacher and a fine man who made a huge impression wherever he went"

    ~ John Harries, Head of Brass Services in CornwallJeremy Squibb, the Band Manager of the Camborne Band informed us that, "Our deepest sympathies go out to his young family. Shaun was a superb musician and an exceptional man to know. Everyone involved in Cornish banding will mourn his loss."

    John Harries further informed us that Shaun had recently been working with the St. Keverne Bands in the southwestern tip of the county and had made a huge impression with his personality and teaching ability, whilst he was due to undertake a further brass quintet performance this evening, when news of his death reached them.

    "Shaun was due to perform this evening with his brass quintet in the Lizard area and I know countless people were looking forward to hearing him play. He really communicated the joy of playing music and this is what rubbed off so successfully with children. We are devastated by the loss, and all out thoughts are wife Gail his wife, and for their two young children aged just 2 years and 7 months.2

    We are sure that the thoughts and prayers of all of the brass band community are with his family at this time."
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    Did poor Shaun die of an illness, or by some kind of accident that cut his promising life so short ?
    Sincere condolences to his devasted family and friends.
    - Ian Wilkinson (Kippax Band Leeds)
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    My mum informed me of the news yesterday, and needless to say I was devestated as I saw Shaun as recently as October, fit and well at London.
    Shaun was a talented musician, and will be sadly missed by many in Cornwall. On a personal note, when, several years ago, I won the CBBA's JF Wills Memorial Arranging Contest, Shaun infact performed as solo euphonium with the accompaniment of the Mount Charles Band in my arrangement of Angel's Serenade, at the conclusion of that year's contest.
    He will also be remembered for his teaching work with the Cornwall Music Service, and I inparticular many long and technical (!?) conversations concerning tubas and such at many county ensemble playing days.
    So far as we can gather, we believe that Shaun's passing was heart related, and he had suffered heart problems recently. My thoughts to Shaun's family, and everyone back home, banding wise.
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    Just read the news on 4barsrest and feel numb to be honest. I knew Shaun really well and played with him on many occasions.

    He was one of the best Euphonium players I ever heard and he was very modest with it. He had no ego and would let someone else take the limelight even if he was head and shoulders above everyone else.

    I also played with the other members of his family and I can't even begin to imagine how they must be feeling, especially as 34 is no age to go out.
  5. Naomi McFadyen

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    Read news this morning on 4BR... very sad indeed... :(
    My thoughts and prayers are with his young family and dearest friends.
  6. Di

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    Such terrible news. And so young too. Deepest symphathies from Dinie, Vickitorious and all at Hathern Band.
  7. cornetgirl

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    So sorry to hear of this - all our sympathies from Rachel, Ian and all at Cottingham x
  8. jonhooperbasstrom

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    I heard the news yeaterday from my dad, i am totaly shocked as i knew shaun well having played with him at St Austell, when helping camborne an Mount Charles and as a studet of his durring his time at St Austell. My thoughts go to Shaun's wife Gail and is two lovely children and the rest of his family.
  9. sparkling_quavers

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    this is terrible news - my thoughts are with his family
  10. brass journo

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    Shaun was a lovely guy who I had the pleasure of meeting through work. Words cannot describe how awful this news is or the grief and numbness that his family and friends are going through at this time.
    Our love, thoughts, wishes and prayers are with them all. He will always be much loved and never forgotten.
    Tabby and all at United Co-op Yorkshire BB
  11. TheMusicMan

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    I had the pleasure of conducting At Austell Band at one point and may have met Shaun when I did. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this devastating time. What a dreadful tragedy... so young and talented...
  12. Heather

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    I didn't know him but this is tragic news.
    My sympathies go out to his family and friends at this sad time.
  13. Seedhouse

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    Very sad news indeed :( I didn't know him personally, but his playing had been mentioned in conversation before with the highest regard.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at such a sad time.
  14. Sopmaestro

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    Myself and my wife Alison are devastated at the news of Shauns passing. We have both known Shaun and Gail from our playing days at Sun Life some 10 or more years ago. Shaun was a great friend and an inspiration. Alison has always said that her greatest playing memories were with Shaun playing bumper up to him. One of my favourite quotes from Shaun was 'Chris sort your wife out she keeps calling me crap' followed by his typical laugh. We have spent many happy times with Shaun and Gail over the last few years and they were always reminiscent of our days at Sun Life listening to old contest performances. I'll never forget listening to Shauns recording of his winning performance at Spennymoor with Mount Charles band. He was deservedly proud of that performance and as somebody else has already mentioned completely without ego.
    The banding movement has truly lost a terrific asset. Personally we have lost a great friend and our hearts go out with love to Gail Harry and Anna.
  15. Ginge

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    Heard the sad news this morning. He was an amazing player and fantastic teacher. My and my families thoughts go to Gail and children.
  16. sugarandspice

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    Shaun has been teaching me for the past 7 years, he's an amazing teacher and I would like to think that we had the best possible relationship we could of as teacher and pupil, I can honestly say that I would not be the player I am today, or indeed still playing if it hadn’t been for Shaun and I am extremely grateful for all the time he has spent with me. Shaun has been an extremely important part of my life and I will never be able to forget him. (In good old Shaun style he has made sure of this by passing away on my 18th birthday) This is a very sad time for everyone who knew him, and my thoughts go out to his young family.

    I will miss him immensely, and am so sad that i won’t be able to buy him a pint legally at the next contest, which we had planned for ages.

    Shaun had been ill for 6 weeks, beginning at the xmas period, he had recently returned to work. Last night Carrick Wind Orchestra held their concert, which he had been invited to come and watch. I played Rhapsody for Euphonium, for Shaun. I'm sure he was listening, and I can only hope that I made him proud, as it was one of the hardest things I will ever have to do, and the whole evening was extremely emotional.

    Therefore at this point I need to say thank you to Shaun, for making me who I am today.

    Kelly xXx
  17. timps

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    Shock and saddened when I heard the news a couple of days ago.

    I knew Shaun from his Sun Life days and he was a great man to know and also a great player that will be missed.

    My sympathy's go to his family for which this will be an extremely sad and emotional time.

    Rest In Peace.
  18. sugarandspice

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    Shaun's funeral is taking place at 11.30 at St Michaels Church Newquay on Friday 11th March.
  19. sterlingsop

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Shaun's family, friends and students at the terrible time. God bless.
  20. vcbjet

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    I first met Shaun on the Wessex Band Course in 2000, i had only being playing Euphonium for 8 weeks and he helped me immensely during the course. He advised me which mouth piece to get! That first year was really tough as we had Year of the Dragon to contemplate with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shaun was a lovely fellow who will sadly be missed by the Brass Band World.
    Deepest Sympathies

    James Tiller