Dean Graver, soprano,cornet, Hadleigh Temple

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  1. PeterBale

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    Dean Graver, our soprano player at Hadleigh, was promoted to glory 10 days ago following several months battling cancer. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 11am, and has been planned as a celebration of his life and witness.

    I am posting here to ask for prayers in support of Zena, his children and the rest of the family as they cope with the day, and also for those bandsmen who will be there to send him on his way. I can't get time off work, unfortunately, but there should be a good turnout, with "The Wellingtonian" and "The Limehouse march" being played as he enters and leaves the hall.
  2. sterlingsop

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    My thoughts and prayers are with Dean's family and the rest of his friends who will surely miss him. God bless xx
  3. 2nd man down

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    Such sad news, best wishes and sincere condolences to all Dean's family and friends.
  4. PeterBale

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    Just to say that Dean had a good send off, with a packed hall and a band including several former as well as current members. After the service in the hall, the band played as the hearse left, with an ensemble also playing at the crematorium.

    Messages were shared from the family and also from our bandmaster, who explained that, on his first Sunday at the corps, it was Dean who came up to him and asked if he was going to play in the band.

    At 52 Dean has been taken from us at a very young age, but I'm sure the heavenly band will be benefiting from an extra soprano.