Dean Goffin: Rhapsody in Brass

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Shommusic, Jan 15, 2004.

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    Anyone know where I can get a full recording of Dean Goffins Rhapsody in Brass?
    Has anyone recorded it recently?

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    Grimethorpe recorded it in c.1999 with Garry Cutt. It's on a CD called "Brass from the Masters, Vol.2", with some other really good stuff, inc. "Henry V", "Fantasy"(Arnold), "Kensington", "Moorside", & the George Lloyd "Diversions on a Bass".

    It's a Chandos release, No. CHAN4553, and I would personally recommend it; I think the reason I like it (and I hope no-one from Grimethorpe takes offence here!) is because it seems to have a real "blood&guts" approach to the performance; a few rough edges, very slightly "old-fashioned" in style, but for this era of brass band music (for me at any rate) it works very well. I'm probably not expressing myself very well here, but I hope it makes some kind of sense!

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    You can get the CD recording of 'Brass From the Masters Vol 2' from the Chandos website for £4.25. Bargain

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    Don't forget to add the VAT to this!
    Still a bargain though!
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