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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by David Mann, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. David Mann

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    We are lucky to have our own bandroom but being wood panelled it has a very lively acoustic. Loud playing sounds extremely loud in there and I'd like to deaden things a bit (and yes, we are also working on playing quietly). The bandroom is rectangular with a horizontal ceiling 3-4 metres high.

    Has anyone had anything fitted that is

    a) Effective
    b) Easy and cheap to install
    c) Conforms to fire / building regs
    d) Doesn't trap dust?
  2. DMBabe

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    Our hall is tiny and already quite dead but was made even more so a few years back by having the ceiling professionally lowered using those tiley things suspended on metal frames with the lights being intermittent clear tiles (a bit like those in offices and conference rooms). We used to make our suspended Fluro lights rattle till all the bugs fell out so that alone has made it worthwhile. All the tiles can lift out for maintenance. No clue how much it cost but given that our band isn't exactly minted it can't have been too excessive!
  3. Would recommend Quattro 46 ceiling board by British Gypsum. It can either be fitted in a conventional way (like plasterboard) or suspended on a frame structure like DMBabe's. We rebuilt our band room recently and had to have a noise survey (for the planners - cost us £900!!) Noise Report recommended Quattro 46 and planners made it a condition for consent! It is not cheap - our band room is 40ft by 20ft and the boards cost in the region of £1500. Worth a look - good luck!
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    It's worth getting your local library to order a copy of Rod Gervais' book.

    It's also worth having a look at Eddie Bazil's tutorial series on Samplecraze (part 1 here) about the kind of things that are used for killing reflections in a listening environment. Apologies in advance for the dodgy pictures of Max ;)
  5. DMBabe

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    Goodness, he really has diversified since The Office and Extras finished!!!! ;)
  6. Souter

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    Like DM Babe, we also had our ceiling lowered with Accoustic Tiles and strip lights in between. As an aside it makes the bandhall a lot cheaper to heat and deadens the sound, also is easy enough to get through to access our attic space by lifting the tiles and the separators also come out.
    Handy hint - we approached several companies and did a deal whereby the one we chose used leftovers from a big factory they were doing, thus saving us several thousand pounds.
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  7. tubbytuba

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    We at Camborne had exactly the same problems,it was a major misson but now its done the effect its had on the bands sound is huge.Firstly a decent carpet with underlay if poss,next carpet squares fixed to the bottom of the chairs,we then half carpeted the walls up to dado rail height. We have regular visits from our musical advisor Alan Morrison and he says the improvements are noticeable.We also did the roof/ceiling but thats another story lol
  8. DMBabe

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    :eek: What would Florence LLewellyn-Bowen say!!!
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    Sound Deadening


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