DCBBA annual grading contest

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  1. bigcol

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    Sunday 22 November 10.00am.
    The Lubetkin Theatre
    East Durham College
    Willerby Grove

    Tickets £3 on sale at the door. Free admission for under 13's

    Food will be on sale and there will be a licensed bar.

    The new college is a super new venue with ample parking and is a return by the association to holding it's contest in a theatre atmosphere instead of a sports hall.

    Test Pieces for the Grading Contest in November 2009

    Section A Ballet for Band J. Horovitz

    Section B Suite Gothique L.Boellman/E.Ball

    Section C Music for a Festival P.Sparke

    Section D. Lydian Pictures S. Dobson

    More details at www.dcbba.org.uk
  2. bigcol

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    Sections C & D: Start at 10-00 am with section D followed by Section C
    Pre-contest meeting for C & D at 9-20 am

    Sections A & B: Start time 1-00 pm for Section B followed by section A
    Pre contest meeting 12-20 pm

    Results for the morning sections after section C
    Results for the afternoon sections after section A
  3. FeistyFlugel

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    Good Luck at all at NSB. Hope we do a stirling job of 'Suite Gothieque' today, not an easy piece considering most of the bands are from the Third Sectiion.
  4. Mrs Fruity

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    Have a great day everyone! Not too much beer mind! :clap::biggrin:
  5. Andy_Euph

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    Any results?
  6. geordiecolin

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    Ashington won B, NSB 2nd, Murton 3rd.
    Westoe won A (hurrah!), Peterlee 2nd, Cockerton 3rd.

    Venue much improved, if ironically too warm! Larger stage would be nice as would a cheaper bar which doesn't run out of beer. On the whole though well done Durham League!
  7. michellegarbutt

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    In addition

    Section B
    best middle of the band player Stuart Shields Euphonium Murton

    best principal cornet Ashington

    best percussion NSB

    Section A

    Best percussion Peterlee
    Best Sop Westoe
    Best trombone Graeme Harrison Peterlee
  8. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    Well done all at NSB. 2nd is a good result on the whole. Well on only a few rehearsals non too shabby. Thanks to the helpers this time with out you this section would have been 12 or so miniutes shorter.

  9. Pyman71

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    The results of sections C & D
    Section D
    1st Stanhope Silver
    2nd Trimdon Concert
    3rd Spennymoor Town

    Stanhope taking best principal cornet

    Section C
    1st Wetherby Silver
    2nd Ferryhill Town
    3rd Dunston Silver

    Wetherby taking best euph, solo cornet & trom section
    Ferryhill taking best bass section in section C & D
  10. bigcol

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  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett New Member

    Stand easy...drahh drahh

    Curuthers and I attended this small shin dig in Peterlee, and we were even joined by Ginge, who had recovered from his run in with the bosch!!

    To be frank we thought that the new venue was under prepared for all you jolly bands folk, to the extent that the bar ran dry..as dry as Ginge's starfish...

    We went to cheer on the boys and girls from that fine outfitt the GT Group Peterlee Band with that handsome chap Steve Malcolm, who may I say was very dashsing..
    Curuthers, Ginge and myself sorted our seats out and the first band on was those 'Geordie' folk from Jarrow the Westoe Band, who played the piece 'very' safe..nothing great but safe.
    Then the Cockerton Band gave the piece a jolly good run out, well done to lot...you didnt disgrace yourselves.
    Then the GT Band took the stage with a sense of swagger about them.. what an opening, what a sound, great detail..but the error count was 'too high'!!!
    But we must admit your Trombones and Percussion section were fabulous...
    Westoe didnt win the contest ..GT Band lost it...
    You are a fine bunch of muscians 'dont' let this result put you off the job at hand!!
    Enough said I'm off to the Officers mess for some top scran.
    Tallly bally hoooooooooo
  12. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Good job Darling let you borrow his rose tinted spectacles then Melchett...!
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett New Member

    What are you on about you blithering idiot..
    One doesnt wear rose tinted spectacles my pimply faced man..My vision is 20/20 and so is my hearing..

    Talllyy balll Hooo
  14. Lucian Carstairs

    Lucian Carstairs New Member

    would just like to congratulate the organisers for a excellent venue for the contest , pity the hall was just a little on the small size for the audience.....but, other that, a great venue.
  15. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    It was nice playing to a nearly full hall as opposed to a pratically empty freezing cold sports hall.

    The venue was a drastic improvement on what we have been offered in the past.

    The only complaint we had was a locked door barring the disabled access to the rehersal rooms (which were another new great addition). That wasn't the organisers fault though as I was there o the Saturday when they made arrangements to have those doors opened. Just the venue not doing what was promised.

    But I think it's a really good basis to start building this contest back up. I'll certainly be voting to keep the contest there.
  16. ringa

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    great day had by all at WACB winners of section B
    brian cameron deserved winner of best cornet
    great new venue if a little small in the auditorium
    also great send off to Bobby And Kath (troms) who have travel problems
    even better send off to Nigel Stedman (musical director) whos work comittments have interfered with band to a degree where he had to resign..........WELL DONE STICKY.
  17. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    To be fair there WERE empty seats, and I'm sure it was better playing to a "concentrated" audience rather than 3 people in each row in the sports hall. Perhaps next year the air con could be switched on/ heating turned down- or perhaps I was just having a hot flush!!
  18. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the day. Ill be sure to pass on your comments to Gary, my partner in crime.
    Many thanks from me, 1 half of NSBs percussion section