Daws Goes Dutch

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    David Daws, a maestro of the cornet, will be visiting Holland three times in the next five weeks. On Saturday 13 January he is the guest-soloist with Brass Band De Wâldsang in their annual New Year Concert, in the village of Surhuisterveen. During the day David will do a master class with talented youth, mainly from Music School De Wâldsang.
    A week later on Saturday 20 January he is again the featured soloist in the second New Year Concert of Brass Band De Wâldsang, this time in the village of Hattem. During the day there is another master class, this time with young musicians from the Province of Groningen.
    Brass Band De Wâldsang is the current + record Dutch Nationals Champion(12 times) band and their New Year Concerts are a highlight in the band’s concert-season, often with a guest-soloist from the UK(some of the names: Steven Mead, Martin Winter, Alan Wycherly, Shaun Crowther, Ian Bousfield(2x), Sheona White, Brett Baker).

    David will perform new solo’s by Terry Camsey, Ray Bowes, Mark Wainwright and one he did before, by Martyn Thomas(A Song To Swing) and a duet with the band’s principal cornet Willem van der Leest, an arrangement of the popular “Perhaps Love”, by the Conductor of Brass Band De Wâldsang, Rieks van der Velde.

    These solos will be recorded by David and De Wâldsang on 8 February for the next CD that the band is doing for Lake Music Publications. The solos will be published by this company in their next catalogue (2007/2008)
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  2. Moy

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    As well as a brilliant cornet player David is such a nice guy.
    Many of our so called stars are great players but not so nice people - no and before you ask no names mentioned.;)

    Holland you are in for a treat.

    Looking forward to possibly hearing him up here in Scotland (Aberdeen).
    A friend of mine is trying organise something - that I will not miss.:clap:

    Enjoy yourself David.
  3. Ryan06

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    David should try and come over here to Canada! infact,any British band over here would be nice.
  4. Red Elvis

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    Good to hear he is playing again - last I heard he was laid up with a lip / muscular problem .
  5. Moy

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    Heard him recently - live - and nought wrong with his playing in any shape or form.:)
  6. stephan

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    yep david rules .. big fan of his cornet playing met him several times
    nice guy to.
    his frist solo recording with the isb is for over 20 years ago.
    still got the chills when i hear and see him play.
    does anny one know how to get in touch with him?
    still have some rar radio recording of him with the enfield citadel band