David Thornton joins Dunfermline Town

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by Dave1, May 16, 2009.

  1. Dave1

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    Dunfermline Town Band are extremely delighted to announce a concert featuring our guest soloist, internationally renowned Euphonium soloist David Thornton of Black Dyke Band.

    The concert will be held in Queen Ann High School, Dunfermline on Saturday 6th June. and will feature music from Dunfermline Band, Dunfermline juniors and of course David Thornton

    This is a superb opportunity for everyone to come along and hear one of the true masters of this instrument and I urge all the young people of FYNG and other junior bands to come along.

    This superb event is one of several aimed at helping the band raise funds to attend the National Finals later in the year
  2. Dave Thornton

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    Looking forward to this concert - the programme will include three classics of the euphonium repertoire - Endearing Young Charms (Boddington), Macushla (MacMorrough) and Grandfather's Clock (Doughty), as well as a piece for euphonium and electronic accompaniment called 'Rock' by Philip Wilby.

    Come and have a listen!
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    hey the concert sounds fantastic! looking forward to it!

    hope there will be opportunity for singing and dancing as well...?? ;-)