David King Leaves YBS

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stephen_clapton, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. stephen_clapton

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  2. Bass Man

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    That's a bit if a shock. I wasn't expecting that
  3. Jacob Larsen

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    No that´s a big shock... Where do we send applications ???? :)
  4. jim

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    Such a shame must go down as one of the greatest partnerships of all time. Iv spent many hours of admiration of that band. Anyone no what his plans are going to be Im sure he will end up doing somthing?
  5. stephenmrry

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    big surprise indeed the guy however has worked miracles with that band and will most certainly go down as one of the greteast partnerships without a shadow of a doubt
  6. johnmartin

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    Hmmm, Witburn are in the market for a new MD?

    2+2 anyone...

    As they say, "all good things..." and all that. Prof King made YBS the contesting force they were for the last decade. A great MD and his, and the bands', legacy will live long in the memory.
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  7. Sharpy

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    I'm sure there will be no end of bands wanting his talents. Just hope it doesn't mean the demise of YBS as a band.
  8. 24aw

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    Wow I'm shocked. Biggest banding news of the year with out doubt.........I wonder where he maybe going....Unfinished business up the road maybe!!!!!!! It certainly would mean guaranteed success for a big named band (probably the biggest) who demand fantastic success of there conductors, the sort of success only The prof could bring them!! I wonder!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  9. Bass Trumpet

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    It's always a good time to go when there isn't a particular reason. If the band was struggling, then it would be obvious why the conductor leaves.

    No matter how good a banding partnership is, it's always good to bring in a fresh face. Look at probably the greatest banding partnership (for those with short memories, Black Dyke/Parkes); Peter Parkes had won everything there was to win with Dyke, then went on to great sucess with Fairey. If a conductor stays round too long, it's bound to get a bit stale. Definately good to move on before that happens and keep the reputation of both intact.
  10. smaca

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    Fantastic perfomances delivered over the years,both on stage and in the recording studio. Can,t remember the exact set-up at start, but was the forming of YBS part of the resurrecting of Hammonds?

    I wonder what next for DK. Who knows, maybe another venture involving the re-creation of a famous band. When did the CWS Manchester Band fold?:wink:
  11. brassneck

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    - what would be required if this rumour was true to allow this famous name to be Championship status? If the same procedures were used to create another superband (just as YBS was), surely another championship band in that area would have to change it's name? I cannot imagine David King and a band of this calibre starting in the 4th section being patient enough to climb through the sections. What if YBS relocated? Now, that would be an interesting concept.
  12. leisa

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    does it not say on 4bars that hes takin the cold stream guards?

    good luck to him anyway hes an ace conductor. good luck to the band as well on finding a replacement :)
  13. rebecca

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    Yeah it's a huge shame that he's leaving! He's an awesome conductor! End of an era!!! YBS wont be the same without him!!!
  14. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - as civilian conductor-in-residence which (... correct me if I'm wrong) means he is an appointed guest or associate conductor. I wonder if he will suit a bearskin hat?
  15. ratley

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    I bet Staines Band rehearsals will be interesting from now on......;)
  16. brassneck

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    :eek: ... you mean that Mr. McElligot doesn't wear one?
  17. ratley

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    Mr McElligott's proclivities are none of my concern (Matron!!)...:biggrin:
  18. Seth

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    Not sure whether they went down some sections when Hammonds became YBS, I don't think so, but they had to qualify for the British Open and it took a few attempts to get there.

    One thing to note is that over the years his players have remained extremely loyal to him, and some have followed him from band to band. My prediction is that he will soon take up the baton with a high-profile band (that has sponsorship!) and will probably recruit some of the key YBS players. The end-result would be a demise of YBS, perhaps to the point eventually where they may fold. It would be a shame, and is one of the dangers of having good sponsorship deals that end.
  19. Anno Draconis

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    CWS Manchester finally folded in about 1988, but had been on its uppers for a few years before that. Although I'm not sure where this rumour has come from, the re-creation of a top flight band in Manchester would be very welcome; especially as the city is an absolute mecca for brasss students it seems bizarre that we don't have a top section band. In fact the only contesting band left in the City of Manchester (as opposed to Stockport, Tameside or Bury) since the demise of Moston & Beswick is Blackley. I'm sure that any project that DK attaches his name to would attract enormous interest from top notch players.

    From what I've seen, DK's greatest strength is taking a band from more humble origins to the top, rather than taking the reins of an already successful band. He had great success at Kennedy's Swinton Concert, which he took through the sections in short order. Hammonds seemed to be struggling when he took over and they became YBS; in many ways he rebuilt that band from scratch even though they were nominally a championship band when he took charge. In both cases the bands were gradually filled with players with a strong personal loyalty to the MD; KSC folded not long after his departure and I fear for the fututre of YBS now.

    For the above reasons I can't imagine him taking over an existing, successful band, apart from maybe Faireys, who have had a quiet year by their standards. It seems far more likely that he would look for a project that involves resurrecting or revitalising an old name currently struggling in the lower reaches of the top section; maybe Besses or Wingates, although neither have a vacancy in the middle at the moment. I also suspect he would want to ensure that enough financial clout was in place; the innovative commissions that YBS became famous for aren't cheap, and I'm sure he would want to continue this work wherever he ends up.

    From what I've seen of DK (and that isn't much, apart from on stage - I've never played in a band he's conducted or been a Salford student) he seems to be like Marmite. You either love him, or can't be doing with him. I suspect he ruffled a few old guard feathers at Dyke, and for the same reasons would be unlikely to take over at Grimey, B&R or Fodens - even if there were a vacancy.

    Whatever he does next, I'm sure it will be worth watching. Even if he does nothing, King and YBS are responsible for so many of the finest musical moments of the last decade - Blitz at the European springs immediately to mind - that he's already got his place in the hall of fame!
  20. johnmartin

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    Haven't a lot of the truly great players already left YBS e.g. Roberts, Griffiths, Saynor, Pritchard et al. They still have Stuart Lingard and Sheona White and of course they are still a very capable band. I suppose it all hinges on who is appointed to replace Prof. King. It would be sad to see the demise of a band of whom I am a big fan.