David King and Eikanger shape up for the European....

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    Here are some pictures from Eikanger Bjorsvik's recent rehearsals in preparation for the European Championships in Linz taking place in two weeks. Professor David King has been engaged to direct the band on its latest assault and the Norwegians will be hoping that the Australian conductor's will increase his number of wins to 11, having won two with Black Dyke and eight with the YBS.

    The contesting action starts on Friday 30 April at 4.00pm (BST) where each champion band will perform a new work, Spirit, by Thomas Doss, and continues on the following day at 11.30am (BST) when the band will perform their own choice.

    How will Eikanger fare? Why not watch the action live through British Bandsman and Yamaha Neo. The cost is £8.00 for the weekend and available to book now.

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