David Childs - Recital at the Purcell Room, 7.1.04

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    For anyone who is interested, here are the details of the recital to be given by David Childs as part of the Park Lane Group Young Artists Series at the Purcell Room next Wednesday, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £8, £10 and £12, available from the box office:

    Nigel Clarke . . . City in the Sea
    John Casken . . . The Haunting Bough
    Alfred Schnittke . . . Piano Sonata No. 2
    Elena Firsova . . . New Work


    Dobrinka Tabakova . . . New Work
    Ed Bennett . . . Staggering
    Elena Langer . . . New Work
    Elena Firsova . . . Hymn to Spring
    Alun Hoddinott . . . Sonata for Euphonium
    Simon Parkin . . . Skunk

    David Childs euphonium
    Harvey Davies piano
    Evelyn Chang solo piano

    The recital includes a couple of premieres, and another chance to hear Alun Hoddinott's Sonata, premiered by David at his Wigmore Hall concert earlier this year.
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    Reviews of the recital (two :shock: ) are now on 4barsrest:

    Also,from yesterday's Times:
    As I said in the 4barsrest review it was an excellent evening's music-making, and really warranted a larger audience, although Wednesday evening in central London is probably not the best time to draw the crowds!