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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hey Dave

    Can you check your email address please... dave@brassforallpublishing.co.uk
    as all tMP threads to which you are subscribed are causing bounced email messages to come my way.

    I couldn't PM you about this as the mail would have bounced...
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  3. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    That is my current email address, so alas, I don't know why they've been bouncing. I seem to recall you were having similar trouble with Ian Perks's mail address. I'm at a loss to explain why this is happening, John. Sorry!
  4. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Ok, I just sent you a test email to that address and this is what I got back within 30 seconds...
  5. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Well.... I dunno what to say/do! Other people have sent me mails and there have been no problems. Odd....
  6. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    John: from that error message:
    Could that be the problem?
  7. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Aaaah, the old "Sending-Server" chestnut. Tsk. :rolleyes:
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hmmm.. Crawf, it seems you may know how I rectify this...? any ideas?
  9. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    DOH!! No, sorry John, I was just being my usual cheeky self. :oops:

    I know two things about server problems,
    1. Nothing
    2. S*d all.
  10. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    I can't really help either, but there is something slightly odd about the way mailing is set up on tMP. All thread alerts are sent to webmail in my webhosting space not to my real email address, despite the fact the address used in tMP mails is the same as my real address. I too had a problem some time ago when my mail from tMP was bouncing despite the address apparently being correct. Very odd.

    EDIT: Oh hang on, I've just read the error message you posted above. It is complaining about "Sending server has no reverse DNS". I think how this works is that Dave's email provider is receiving the email tMP is sending, but is performing a validation check to see if the email is from a valid server and isn't just SPAM. It does this by reverse DNS lookup (loads about that on Google). If the server doesn't pass the test, the email bounces.

    I'm not sure how to fix it - it is probably a problem with your DNS registration - but your ISP should be able to advise.

    And in case it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, rest assured that I don't! I only sort of dabble on the very outer fringes of this area for work. I am by no means an expert, and accept no responsibility for any incorrect information! I'm sure that there will be some much cleverer person on here though who will understand a lot more than I do!
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  11. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    ^ Though having just checked my inbox on the tMP server - I have no notifications, so they have obviously stopped working again! :biggrin:
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  13. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    OK thanks DaveR... :tup

    I have fixed the reverse DNS thing and will look into the other issue when I get home this evening. ta for the heads up.

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