Dave Keeble - Harwich RBL Band

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  1. Lewis Chris

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    I'd just like to say get well soon, although a stupid thing to say, to a man that encourages the youth in the Essex area so much.

    For those who don't know, he fell out of an attic (stupid bloke missed the ladder, and yes I have said this to his face) and broke his back.

    He's had his first operation and looks like he should be OK, but in the (at least) 6 months that he will miss, his input at Harwich RBL Band will I'm sure be sorely missed.

    He works so hard to encourage the youth element which is something we all should be do in today's BBW. Although I help the band regularly and I suppose I am biased in some way, if you look at the website for the music school you will see how strong the band is for the future.

    Although they are fourth section, they are developing the players of tomorrow, which shoud be :clap: .

    Hope you are well soon my friend
  2. Di

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    Ouch! All the best for a full and complete recovery Dave.

    PS. Chris, he's not a surveyor is he by any chance?

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