Dating a tenor horn

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Phil Green, Apr 17, 2012.

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    A friend of mine is selling her son's tenor horn - it's a round stamp Sovereign. She bought it second hand from Yardley's of Birmingham (anyone else remember them?!)

    I've offered to put it on here for her but would like to try and date the horn (the production!) so as to be as accurate as possible when describing it for sale.

    Could anyone suggest a website I can go to to find out the info - I've Googled "dating" and "my horn" and didn't get the right sort of site :)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. Phil Green

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    Thanks Andy. Had tried these but neither seemed any good. The serial number starts A00xxx .......?
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    When you know what price you think you want for this, can you drop me a PM with contact details. I know someone who is after such an instrument :)

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    Bassmittens, will do (plus the two kind people that sent me PMs asking the same).

    I've started this thread in the main forum room so may get more visibility in there.


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    Hi Phil,
    The Horniman Museum, London holds all the production records that exist for Boosey and Hawkes Ltd. Their website is a bit longwinded because they hold a lot of other collections, but look for musical instrument collections and you will find a pdf guide to dating Boosey and Hawkes instruments by serial numbers. Keep trawling until you come to Besson/Boosey and Hawkes above 560,000 (this is all the modern stuff). It does not have any starting with A but as it lists all the brass from 1970's & 80's it must contain all the listings for the round badge Sov's and it is the genuine B & H records. Perhaps you just don't need the 'A'.
    Good luck!
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    I once dated a tenor horn but she cheated on me with one of the other cornets!