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    For those who have not heard, The North West Regional Secretary has just sent an e mail to inform all bands that the date for next years North West Area Contest will not be the last weekend in February 2013 but the 10th March 2013.

    This is due to the Winter Gardens Management not allowing the Contest to go ahead on the original date due to another event having booked the same weekend and in our case no contract had been signed confirming the date.

    The Regional Secretary has negotiated the new date and should be praised for his very quick action taken halting what could have been a huge problem.

    Notification will be published a.s.a.p. but band who have aleady booked accomodation etc for the February weekend now need to change their plans.
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    I Must admit I am delighted that the contest date has been moved.

    The February scheduling of the Area caused problems for me and my band in 2010 when it clashed with School half term holidays and eventually meant my band deciding not to enter the contest.

    We "were" faced with the same dilemma in 2013 (and still are for 2014 which is also currently scheduled in half term week).

    I fully accept that the clash only really affects those players and conductors with school age kids, and of course those who work in education. I also accept most work round it, but my point is that, if at all possible, we shouldn't have to.

    I know the many parents in my band are relieved that they will not face the band v family dilemma in 2013. Many will know only too well that it's often hard for parents to continue banding without impacting on their families (especially parents who both play in bands) and placing the years premier contest smack bang in school hols is something we can well do without.

    I have raised this informally with the NWWBA and did receive a prompt and informative reply as to why the contest had been moved into February. I very much respect the job they do and the work they put into our contests. I also praise their quick and decisive action over this but also I hope that this will allow time for a rethink and that the NWBBA will reconsider moving the contest permanently back into March (where it always was) so that we can avoid this clash.

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    Well, I for one hope it doesn't fall on the same day as the Midlands area next year - I like to be able to listen to other areas :frown:
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    I've also heard tell there may be other areas on the same weekend - wonder if that'll affect bands getting the conductors they want? This won't just apply to the professional conductors that bands get in for the areas, it'll surely also impact on bands who have players from other bands/areas conducting them. :frown: We'll also see a wider range of adjudicators I suppose - hope there's enough to go round, especially since more are going to be using 2!
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    West of England is always the 2nd weekend in March and is provisionally booked for a few years ahead (I believe at least the next 5 years!)

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