Darwen brass.

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Lofty Snr, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Lofty Snr

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    Darwen Brass, {national finalists 2012, 3rd section 2013) are looking for the following players.
    Two competent cornetists, positions dependent on ability.
    2nd euphonium,
    Why not come down and try us out? We are a very friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated group keen to continue our excellent upward progress since our formation in 2007. We have a good contesting record and a sensible engagement schedule.
    Give me a call anytime on 07973 267761, or PM me.
    We rehearse 2mins from junction 4, M65, (Blackburn&Darwen services) Mon&Thur, 8-10pm.
  2. The Godfather

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    Hey Lofty, long time no see. I might just come down there and give you a lift. (will pm you later)
  3. Lofty Snr

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    Euphonium position now filled, and a big thankyou to those who showed interest. We are still on the lookout for two cornetists, positions negotiable, and dependent on ability. Also, we now require an extra percussionist (kit). Give me a call, or PM me. Ken, 07973 267761.