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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by sopranoplayer, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    players required for new band (all sections) north west

    Edit: please check latest posts for current vacancies, rehearsal venue and contact details

    The blackburn and darwen band are excited to announce the formation of a 'new' band.

    The new band started its first rehearsal last Thurs (11/01/07) and we had a very good turnout but still require a few more players.

    As this new band will bridge the gap between our Junior band and Championship section band applicants can be of all standards - but looking to progress.

    We are currently rehearsing every Thursdays from 8pm-9.30pm at our bandroom in Darwen which is just a mile up the road from junction 4 of the M65.

    We will be auditioning potential Md's within the next few weeks, so if you fancy getting involved in this exciting venture come down for a blow and I can guarentee a friendly welcome.

    For more information please contact Mandy either by PM on here, or mandypickles@btinternet.com, or give me a call on 01282 842992.
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  2. Rumble

    Rumble New Member

    Well worth a visit, ... good friendly atmosphere, ... good turn out for the first rehearsal, ... looking forward to the next one, thursday night at 8pm.
  3. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    We are going from strength to strength....but are still in need of a few players...mainly cornets....come and take a look :)
  4. cathcarey

    cathcarey New Member

    Hey, I'm moving to Preston in May, this sounds like the perfect band for me. Looking for any tenor horn players?
    cat xx
  5. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Hi Cat, yes we are still short of a tenor horn player, eb/Bb bass, sop and a front row cornet player and it would be nice to have another perc player.

    We have our last audition for a MD this Thursday and should hopefully be able to announce the successful applicant in the next couple of weeks and hopefully another announcment to follow that with a name for our 'new band.'

    Any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  6. cathcarey

    cathcarey New Member

    Thanks, sopranoplayer! Can I get in touch nearer the time to arrange to come down? Should be moving to Preston mid-end May, when I finish my degree! xx
  7. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    No probs at all, give me a shout nearer the time and I'll sort you out with directions etc....Good luck with the degree!
  8. There are so many opportunities up North! You're all so lucky!
  9. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    New MD, new Name, new Band.


    Bass trom or Eb bass
    Bb bass
    front row cornet player (seat dependant on ability)
    tuned percussion
  10. tweetipie21

    tweetipie21 Member

    New band - players required

    Hey there!

    I joined this band a couple of months ago when it didnt have a name - but finally we are pleased to call ourselves ..... DARWEN BRASS!

    its an exciting new venture for all involved - so, if you fancy a blow with a friendly bunch: come on down!!! (i'm loving it)

    We are situated just off the M65 (5 minutes from junction 4 (Ewood park junction)
  11. hj&jt

    hj&jt New Member

    Are you thinking of contesting or is it a concert band
  12. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    hj&jt, we intend doing both, but more emphasis on concert for now. However we will be starting practice soon on a contest piece for later in the year. After all it is still a new band, we do have some very experienced players, but also some fairly new, who although are up to the standard we require, need to settle in.
    If you can,come over and join us.
  13. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    First contest for "Darwen Brass" will be at the end of Oct. :cool:

    We currently need:
    Bass trom/Eb bass
    Bb Bass
    Front row cornet

    Anyone who would like to help out please get in touch :D
  14. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Vacancys still available.......Would be a great opportuninty to join a newly formed band which will hopefully be joining the 4th section soon.

    Come down and have a look......nothing ventured,nothing gained :)
  15. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Front row cornet player found (Yipeeeeee)!!

    So current vacancys are:

    Bb Bass
    Eb Bass

    These positions need to be filled for Fleetwood Contest and we can borrow.
    Obviously we require perminant positions but if there is anyone out there that could help us at the contest please get in touch.
  16. cathcarey

    cathcarey New Member

    Hi again, sopranoplayer!

    I'm finally in Lancashire, so wondered if there was still an opening for a horn player?

    If you could email me that'd be great.

    Thanks! Catherine xx

  17. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Contact made :cool:
  18. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    We are however still looking for more permanent players to join us, especially Bass of any persuasion including Bass trombone, and at least one more hopefully versatile cornet player.
    If any one has missed the contest thread, we are now full for that slot, so thanks any way and to those who replied.
  19. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Permanent vacancys still required:
    Eb Bass or Bass Trom
    Bb Bass

    If you would like to join a friendly,progressive and committed 4th section band who want to go places, come down for a blow.

    Just a 3 more permanent seats to fill and we have a full band.:woo :woo
  20. sopranoplayer

    sopranoplayer Member

    Permanent vacancys:

    Front row cornet

    Eb,Bb Bass or Bass Trom- We have a multi talented player who can play either Eb, Bb Bass or Bass Trom, so we are looking to fill either of these vacancys.

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